If You Are Facing Difficulties In Life And You Are A Firstborn, Do This 10 Things

Are you your family’s firstborn and your life doesn’t seem to go forward or backwards? Is it that anything you put your hands on, even if others prosper in it, doesn’t prosper? Do you feel trapped inside your life? So are you going to quit? Don’t give up yet please because you still have hope.

I want you to understand that as a firstborn in your family, you are given by default titles and responsibilities because you are the next person in charge in your family and, of course, the unknown powers will certainly seek to battle you in spirit. Believe it or not, the spirit world includes good and evil spirit beings and they control the supernatural while the supernatural controls the physical one.

As a Firstborn, after your parents you ‘re the next person to get some attacks because you’re holding the leadership mantle within your family. Evil forces that don’t want your family to grow from a lower stage to a higher one will always come after your fate and try to manipulate it and confuse you in life.

But only if you are able to accept God as your father and call on him to fight for you against all the unknown forces, there is still hope for you. Just if you want to devote everything to him, and let him fight your spiritual battles. It’ll be totally open your way. Go down on your knees, as we tell these ten points together in prayer.

1. Command that every evil garment that covers your face and star shine be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

2. Wherever they mention your name for evil, let it backfire on them in Jesus Christ ‘s mighty name.

3. Pray that your fate may be set free. Wherever your destiny is caged that causes you to be lost in the way of your life, command the cage to be broken and free your destiny in the name of Jesus.

4. Wherever your name has been dedicated to you without your knowledge and makes life complicated for you, ask God to neutralize its negative impact on your life.

5. You must have sinned against God in any event, beg him for forgiveness, as he said that a sinner’s prayer is an abomination to him.

6. Ask God for the divine wisdom to know your intent in life, so that you may be on the right path in your life to fulfill what you are meant to be.

7 Place your two hands on your back, and ask the grace of God for your life. Pray for the grace of Heaven, and give favor to your soul. Ask God to find you this day for His infinite blessings. Pray for your future financial security.

8. Excellence and greatness rule on your future. Say it with great order, as you will obtain what you ask and proclaim.

9. Each ancestral curse in your family will never see you because you are coated with Jesus Christ ‘s blood.

10. If you’re the lady, and you’re still not married. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, pray that every evil mask that is used to cover your face will make it difficult for men to notice you are destroyed.

As you have been praying, Almighty God will do it for you, and I assure you that the phone call you were expecting will arrive. The proposal that you have been waiting for will surely happen in the name of Jesus Christ we pray; Amen!

Please share these prayer points for the salvation of others too. You’re delivered and blessed by God.

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