“I woke up by 2am and saw someone’s shadow removing clothes” – lady narrates experience with a man

A confirmed beautiful lady just shared her experience when visiting a man she was dating on a popular Facebook page.

According to her, she went to the man’s residence on Friday night and he tried to woo her, but she refused.

When they were sleeping, she woke up at 2 am because she felt cold, only to see someone undressing.

After touching her body, she found that the bed she was lying on was soaked with urine, so she felt cold.

At that moment, she realized that her master (the man) was wetting the bed.

The man didn’t know that she was awake, and then went into the bathroom to take a shower and change clothes.

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To be honest, bedwetting is something most people, even adults, are dealing with in secret.

This is an embarrassing situation that requires urgent medical examination and assistance.

Do you think this lady should help this man find a solution to his problem?

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  1. Well, I don’t racing away is a good decision. This same man didn’t like what happened I believe strongly. It might be the influence of alcohol which you are the one that know better if he had taken enough that very day or not. It might be his first time of experiencing such a disgraceful scenario. What if it were you that did that, will you kill or excommunicate yourself??? What if he were your member of family, will you go posting to the world?? Beside, he might be your Mr. Right or blessing in disguise that may bring long lasting breakthrough in your life, do you notice that??? Let’s always always and always try to fit ourselves into people’s shoes in the face of their problems to see how we will react if it were we before delving into judging or condemning them. Thanks a lot dudes.

  2. Too bad. He could have shared the problem then you can decide if you want to stay and jointly find solution. But getting up and changing, does he want to say you were the one that wet the bed?

  3. Well,it cld be that too much sugar in the system or alcohol have weaken his bladder,he needs to detox,it happens everywhere,pls let him wash bitter leave twist it and bring out the water,he can take it every morning for two days, those debris will be flush out.goodluck God bless.

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