I wish to be married with kids but all the men who come my way only want to “tap ” and leave

I wish to be married with kids but all the men who come my way only want to “tap ” and leave – Efia Odo

According to her, she can beat her chest and say she’s one of the few women in Ghana with a golden heart and would make a good wife and mother to her husband and kids.

However, she said all the men that come her way only want to get in-between her legs and find their way.

he said;

“I think I have to stop looking for love because I am tired. All the men that come my way are after something else and not real love. They either want to get into your pants or just take pride in the fact that they are dating Efia Odo which does not work for me.

“I dated a couple of guys back then and all didn’t work. I wish I were married with children because that is what I want right now. I understand love and when a man understands me it is very easy for us to roll. I am not a difficult person and I am very submissive when I am in love.”


  1. Don’t give up now its your time am Paul ocen from uganda interested in you for serious relationship and marage am single bat leaving in uganda call me on 256778026914 and we task much I love you not for money bat I relationship thanks

  2. May b there is something behind that,upon all the goodness,u may b spending and dependent on the guy u date or anything. Do ur assignment well and I bet u,u are gonna testify and praise God for such. Thanks

  3. Hw old are you and type of man do u need? Do u have kids, hw many? Does t mean u can only marry someone n Ghana?

    1. my dear belove, seek God first and husband will come at it time. Matthew 6:33,and also work on urself not all men will tell u ur wrong especially when the are not ready to settle down, l believe if u make a deep seach u will discover something about urself that you never knew that it exists in ur life.

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