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I went to check my daughter in her room but what I found broke my heart

This should serve as a reminder to all parents and guardians that it is critical to monitor and protect their children so that they are not led astray. Please take something away from my story.

I was only twenty-five years old (25) when I married my lovely wife Amanda. We spent time together before God blessed us with a beautiful daughter, JoJo, after many years of barrenness.

I am not a wealthy man; rather, I am a middle-class person who always gives gratitude to God for what I have.

As a good man, I did everything I could to ensure that my family was not harmed. I work as a carpenter and have many different jobs, but I still find time to spend with my family.

I adore my daughter and have never left her wanting. I am a caring father who buys her everything she needs.

Even when she first started school, I gave her less than 200 a day so that she would not be resentful of me as her father. I felt I was doing the right thing until I went to see her in her room one lovely day.

Before I go to her chamber, I suppose I should counsel her in the evening after prayer. Unfortunately, when I arrived in her room, she was not pleased to see me.

She appeared to be worried, which I believe is due to stress. I played with her and told her many stories to encourage her in her life, and she was ecstatic.

Before I leave her room, I thought I’d check to see if her notebook was still intact, but instead, I discovered a letter in an envelope.

When I opened the envelope, it read, “I love you my love, don’t forget to meet me at the same place “I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s activities.”

I sobbed bitterly because I was disappointed that my kid knew more than she should have known.

I blamed myself and believe that I am the one who has ruined her life with all of my care that I didn’t realize I wanted to do until now.

Please advise me as to what I should do because I am now perplexed.

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  1. You really don’t have to. This is the greatest time you should be closer to her than ever. I was almost a victim but I escaped by the whiskers. I took the letter to the administrator of my daughter’s school where the necessary action was taken as I made sure I followed up the incident to the latter. The school’s authority commended my action and that singular action made me and my wife widen our eyes and senses . Until she passed out from the school, we both had her the closest marking ever. Thank God it paid off. You can do better, trust.

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