I was a fool for staying faithful in my past relationships – Man reveals

Richard Abban known on TikTok as Slim Thick has stated that he feels like a fool for staying faithful in his past relationships because he has noticed that some women prefer men with multiple partners. 

In a chat on SVTV Africa, Slim Thick indicated that, generally, women are unappreciative and cannot be pleased. As a result, men must invest in themselves instead of catering to a woman. 

According to Richard, he was always faithful in his previous relationships, but the women he dated cheated on him despite everything he invested in the relationship. Moreover, he noted that women see such men as ‘fools.’ 


“I met a lady in public transport and gave her my iPhone 11 to save her number. She held the phone for about an hour. It had just been released at the time. She had not seen it before. I had sex with her,” he said. 

“You experience all these heartbreaks because of what you do to women,” SVTV Africa’s DJ Nyaami noted.

“I did not do that back then. If you were my girlfriend back then, it was just you, but I realised that I had been a fool. Women see men with multiple partners as ‘wild.’ When you are faithful to her, she sees you as a fool,” Richard added. 

Slim Thick mentioned that he has no trust in women anymore. According to him, whenever his wife goes out, he knows there is a probability that she will cheat. Since he has this in mind, he won’t be shocked if he finds out about his wife cheating.

Kindly watch the full interview below; 

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