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I Used To Be Married But My Husband Left Me For A Younger Girl – Lady Says

Nomvula Chawane, 42 year year old lady has narrated how her husband left her for a girl he met at the fuel station. Nomvula said since his husband left her, things have changed for the worse. She is bed starved every night and left alone to help herself. Nomvula said she regrets the day she and her husband met that girl and she’s beginning to have bad plans for her.

“I never knew it would end this way the day we met that girl at the fuel station. I suspected there would be problem because when we first met her, my husband kept asking her unending questions. I waved it off thinking he’s just being a man he is.

I never knew that from that day onwards that he started meeting with the girl and spending time with her at hotels. He wouldn’t come home some nights and whenever I ask him, he finds one excuse to put it away.

Fast forward today, my husband suddenly disappeared, he picked one if my calls and told me I should forget about him. Since then, he hasn’t picked any other call of mine.

I have bad plans for the girl who she’s living with so that I will have my husband back to me. But i really don’t want to kill her because the only way my husband would forget about her is by killing her” she said.

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