“I Started Sleeping With Sister’s Husband Out Of Pity” – Young Lady Claim

A young lady tweeted to her Twitter handle saying that she has been sleeping with her sister’s husband due to pity and she’s seeking for advice. Read her tweets below;

I started sleeping with my sister’s husband out of pity

Yes, it was out of pity at the beginning before somehow i have landed myself in a mess right now

You need to hear my story Brother Gbenga, you really need to tell my story!

My sister was a choleric, the type that rated money

above many other things

She had a shop, a shoe and bags outfit that she treated like her life project

I came into the family as a help at the shop, even though my sister was my older sister of the same father and mother!

She was eleven years older than I am and came to lie to my

parents that she wanted to take me to Abuja to put me in school

I was in the village and I liked my life there

I was with my parents who loved me and made sure I didn’t lack anything

As soon as I got to Abuja, my sister told me the academic session was half done and I would have

to wait until the next term before she would put me in school

I was 15 years old and she didn’t see it as unfit for her to convert me to her sales girl

Later during that period I overheard her telling her friend that she had to pick me from the village because I was her blood

She said if i stole her money it wouldn’t be as painful as it would be if an outsider stole it

Her friend told her it was a wise decision

By this time it was becoming obvious to me that my sister didn’t plan to enroll me in school

She just wanted to use me without a care for my


When i called my parents to report to them what was going on, my sister denied everything!

She came home that day and beat me badly, she said I stole her money and wanted to return to the village to spend it

She called the police and I was locked up overnight

it was her husband that bailed me out the next morning

I told her husband I didn’t steal anything

he said he knew, it was my sister’s style of punishment to break stubborn employees

Her husband said he had thought my sister would treat me much better than he treated the other sales girls

that had worked with her in the past

My sister’s husband was a soft-spoken gentleman who had a strong sense of responsibility

He promised that he would enroll me in school the following term and he did so despite my elder sister’s

protests that since I just came to Abuja from the

village i cannot cope with the demands of a city school.

From the day i had the effrontery to follow her husband to the boarding school, she washed her hands off me.

She stopped talking to me and whenever i speak to her she will just turn her head away and act as if i was a ghost

Her husband took full responsibility for me until i finished my secondary school. My parents didn’t know this. To them my sister was spending money on me and keeping her promise. When i finished secondary school, my sister’s husband ensured i gained admission into the University

He spent quite a lot of money

I cannot lie to you, he treated me the way an older brother will treat his sister and he was a very responsible man

After my 100 level, i went to their house for my holidays, i noticed something had changed!

My sister had moved out of their room and

was sleeping in the guest room during the night!

I didn’t say anything at first but when ASUU went on strike and i noticed it didn’t stop, i asked my sister’s husband one day what was going on

(They have been married for eleven years without a child)

He explained that they went

for some tests at the hospital and it was discovered that he was the one with the problem! he said since that day my sister moved out of the room to punish him for wasting her time for the past 11 years and was considering what her next move will be! Sir, this man is a good man

I think that discussion was a mistake or perhaps it was too intimate not to have the repercussion that has brought us here. A few days after we had that discussion, he started looking at me that way, you know…

I cannot lie, I know my sister is vindictive and very wicked

That good man was suffering

The day after he gave me that look, he asked me if i would like to move to another relative’s house (My Aunt lives in Kubwa). He assured me that he would still pay my fees but his thoughts towards me had suddenly become carnal. I told him I noticed that too

I packed my bags that evening

My sister returned home from her shop and walked past me to where her husband was seated in the sitting room!

She started screaming “Shameless man, paper frog, that’s how you sat down and wasted my time with your dead semen, you better go and hang

yourself and die!

If you die i will have something to show for twelve years of my life or do you want me to leave this house empty handed? Is that your plan? Drink sniper and die or hang yourself on that ceiling fan!”

Brother Gbenga, I am not making an excuse sir, my heart cut

at that moment!

Thirty minutes later, my sister reemerged from the room fully dressed. She picked her car keys and left the house. As soon as she left, her husband got on his feet and started pacing up and down, talking to himself. I cannot tell if he wanted to commit suicide or

not but i felt he was very disturbed

I went to meet him, i held his hands and hugged him

He hugged me tightly for a very long time and then he started crying

Everything that happened was natural from there

He kissed my ears and then my lips and well, our clothes said goodbye

That was the first day

I didn’t leave after then, I cannot say why. I stayed and took care of him and slept with him

I was confirmed pregnant at the start of the lockdown in April, two months pregnant!

We didn’t take precautions because we knew his sperm was dead! It was a shock!

He moved me out of the house immediately, he rented a place for me at the beginning of May

Nobody in my family knows what is going on, but I am determined to keep this baby and if possible keep the man!

He is having a crisis of conscience and wondering what his friends and church

people will say

I know my sister will raise hell but I would rather she raised it in my absence. All i need now is your counsel. What do you think i should do about settling the family crisis here and how can you help?

God bless you brother Gbenga, Thank you for being you!

PS: This case woke me up a few days ago, I presented it before the Holy Spirit as Isaiah did with Zennacherib’s letter and laid on my face for hours!

I do not take people’s reality for granted and this was as

clumsy and knotted as other cases i have seen the Holy Spirit resolve

I know this knotted and tangled web will be resolved in the most miraculous way! Every time I pray, i am expectant of a miracle.

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