I Soaked Onions In Warm Water And Drank It, See What Happened To Me After 3 Days

If I must tell you the truth, onion is one of the best vegetables that give our food a good taste and helps to keep our body in good condition. Do you know that onions are not only used for cooking?

Now I have a little secret which I will like to share with you all. It is the result I got after soaking onions for three days and drinking the water. It worked like magic and it’s not that I’m here to tell you something that is fake.

Below are the benefits of drinking the water from onions after soaking;

1) It aids digestion and helps blood to circulate in the body. Isn’t that amazing?

2) From my research, onions help to give a good supply of insulin to the body.

3) Talking about sickness symptoms such as cold, sore throat, and high fever, onions help to cure them. In fact, it boosts the body immune system.

So back to my main discussion, I have been battling with eye defect for a long time then I read about the benefits of onions. I decided to follow the due instruction by soaking some sliced Onions in a bowl of water for 3 solid days.

After the third day, I noticed that I could see far objects clearly and it’s a big testimony to me. My eyesight has improved and I’m glad to share this good news with you all.

The experiment does not require much from you, all you need to do is to get a clean bowl, 2 Onion bulbs, and water.


    1. To heal eyesight; what is the dose in milliliters and for how many days does one have to drink the onion juice?

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