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“I Slept With My Cousin Because My Husband Never Satisfied Me enough But I Regret it” – Woman Lament

Catherine, a mother of two, has opened up about her affair with her cousin in their marital bed, which led to her betraying her ex-husband.

As a manual daily laborer, Robbert only made enough money to cover his family’s daily meals and the meager savings he was providing his wife as pocket money.

The money Catherine saved from her husband’s allowance let her start her own business in a tiny shop, which she ran with the money she saved from her husband’s allowance.

Because she was underpaid, she decided to take a job as a waitress at a nightclub. According to her, the vegetable sales job her husband had originally mentioned was preferable. As soon as she landed a job, she claimed, she began to ignore her marriage.

Catherine admitted that she and her cousin used to sleep together in the same bed when they were younger. When Catherine’s husband saw them having intercourse in their marital bed, she decided to divorce him and later regretted her actions.

The woman apologized to her husband and pleaded with him to take her back on Rembo television. She had heeded her warnings. On the other hand, Robbert made it abundantly clear that, despite his poverty, he had already moved on and married an understanding woman. How would you respond if Robert asked you to do the same?

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