“I Slept On The Floor For 4 Years With My Ex-Boyfriend But When He Got A Job, He Did This”- Lady

Some ladies experience serious heartbreak after they had stayed loyal to their boyfriends for a long time. This is the reason why some ladies prefer to go for rich guys rather than endure with the ones who are broke and expect that they would marry them once they become rich. A lady would not be happy to have spent many years under harsh conditions but when he becomes rich, suddenly dumps her.

A lady on Twitter has revealed that her boyfriend could not afford a mattress for four years so she had to sleep on the floor with a mat. However, he finally had a job and moved to a one-bedroom flat but refused to marry her because of the excuse that his mother does not like where she comes from.

This caused a lot of reactions on social media and below are some of them:

The lady must have experienced heartbreak from the refusal of her ex-boyfriend to marry her. After spending many years with him sleeping under harsh conditions, the best thing would have been that they got married to each other but things turned out differently, unfortunately.


  1. Guys are desperately wicked… They used girls in the name of love when they don’t have,but leave her immediately they start earning something… Which is wrong… I pray God see us through

  2. The hearts of a man is deeper than the ocean and is darker than the night. But sisters don’t worry relax still believe God knows your situation and He have a plan for you not to harm you but a plan for your welfare and with hope.

  3. If we should also here from the guy, it will be a different story all together. We should not listen to only one party but both.

    1. U did not tell us if he is the only man in ur life at that time, because most men when they are not buoyant financially their mouth is sealed w
      Whey they know they can not take , they will not react But when they bounce back financiallythey will be looking for excuses to discharge the lady
      Pls note is mother not there all this 4yrs ? Why is it that when her son have made it now , that she now know that where u came from is not good for son to marry from ? That excuse is not genue is a planed coup where on earth this days that one mother will come out and tell her son who to marry ? In this century Pls tell us another thing JARE

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