I ran away after I got married because of this (See details)

A young lady has shared her nerve racking story of an encounter she had in her bombed marriage.

The lady recognized as Adenike Oduwabo uncovered that she stopped out of her marriage after she felt her life was at serious risk.

As per Adenike who is a beautician, her better half detested her since she was more extravagant than her.

See her tweets underneath;

Glad, he said he despises the way that I am firmly stubborn, yet his choices consistently put us in the red and need constantly, he battles that I’m more extravagant than him, he said he abhors that I’m cheerful. I stayed, continually supplicating and excusing him, I got hopeless.

Adenike Dubawo @adenikeod. 6h v One day, he went out right on time to illuminate those I regard to instruct me to go out henceforth he’d kill me, he depicted how he will go about it, I got that message at 8pm that night and moved out that night. Think about what, a few people censured me for leaving.

Adenikeodubawo @adenikeod. 6h v Reading about Olamide brought the recollections back. I say thanks to God I left that night. Possibly, quite possibly. In the event that you run over this tweet, for reasons unknown should you remain in a damaging marriage

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