“I Prefer 15-year-old Boys Because They Always Make Happy” – Says Lady (photos)

Not every person likes being in a relationship with their peers. Many people want to always experiment by trying out new things, maybe because they might not have yet really found themselves and found out what they really prefer in their lives.

This might have a negative impact on one’s life because not knowing what you want might negatively affect you in the long run. With a course in life you are doubtlessly ensured to get what you want since you know precisely what you need.

Anyways consider a 56 year old woman disclosing to you that she inclines toward little youngsters rather than her friends, it sounds insane doesnt it?

Yet, it happens from time to time like this lady specifically who had the gut to share on her facebook that she prefers 15 year old young men.

“I am 56 years old but I like 15 year old boys because they are always happy and they make me happy” she wrote

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