I Only Took Gh10,000 From The Bag: Another Disgrace Hits Ghana Army

Another disgrace hits Ghana Army as greedy Private Asare Boateng met two civilians, Samuel Fyreson and Baba Musah wearing camouflage patterned trousers at Elmina in the Central Region. 

The soldier commanded Samuel Fyreson to take off the trousers he was wearing; however, Samuel fled out of fear, leaving behind a bag containing an amount of Gh23,000 with Baba Musah. 

Private Asare Boateng subsequently took the bag from Baba Musah with force and sped off in a Mitsubishi Pajaro vehicle with registration number AC-8957-20.

The Mitsubishi car was tailed to Takoradi, where military police assistance was called in to retrieve the money from Private Asare.

Subsequently, the suspect could not hide from his shadow, He was arrested at the Paa Grant Roundabout in Takoradi. The suspect, upon interrogation, said he only took Gh10,000 from the bag. 

The suspect currently cooling off at the guard room awaiting his faith with little hope clouding his next destination.

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Baba Musah.
Samuel Fyreson

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