I Need A Strong Man For Good S*x Alone, I Have My Money

I wish you a great day ahead. I am not here to tell stories about relationship problems. I am done with that aspect of my life.

Right now, I just want to catch fun. I am Fola, an auditor and businesswoman based in Lagos State. I am 29. I am quite tall, brown, slim beautiful with nice curves in moderate proportions.

I have my own money, car and a good house. I don’t need any financial and emotional commitments of any man. All I care about is fun. I need a man that is ready for crazy s*xual experiences.

I grew up in the United Kingdom and living in a white community influenced my life. I don’t like boring s*x as Nigerian men do.

I need that man that can hit it from the front, back, top and underneath. I want him to suck it as his life depends on it.

I want someone that is good at 69 and he should be ready to ready to go on and on for hours without being tired.

I have a nice place of my own to accommodate him and food isn’t a problem. He will be well-fed and taken care of. All I want you to do is bang me like you are going to take my soul away.

I don’t mind dying in the process hahahahaa! Ok….trust me, I am not going to die. I am a cat with nine lives. On how to contact me, please just indicate your interest in the comment section of this post.

I will be following. If you have a profile picture and your comment is meaningful, your chances of getting a response from me are high. You can also be outside Lagos. If I like you, I will find you.

Thanks for the opportunity

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