“I Need A Boyfriend, This Is Not A Joke Please” – Lady Cries Out. – Photos

These days, we get to see a lot of pretty insane things or stories posted by different individuals, on the internet and various social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Some people tend to reveal too much about themselves which is actually very improper and weird sometimes. We are all humans and we make mistakes, its normal. But some mistakes are actually worth laughing at.

Earlier today, one lady called Akosua May, took to her social media account, precisely on the bird app called twitter, to reveal that she is in dire need of a new boyfriend and that men are scarce these days. And she even added that’s its not a joke or a prank. See the screenshot of what the beautiful lady posted below;

Her post sparked a lot of reactions from people especially male folks on the twitter social media app. Its no doubt that this lady is cute and pretty but is it wise for her to look for a boyfriend online? See more beautiful pictures of the said lady below;

Can you do this if you were single and lonely like she was? Let’s here your opinion in the comments section. Please share until she finds her soul mate.


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  3. Is still obvious we av mumu guys despite u dey niger..she don use una trend u put num like say u dey look for work.anything she want now is money u didnt see pics bah.bisa bisa soap she want to trend like zah zuh zeh

  4. Why are men or guys given out their numbers….. The truth is most of them had one or two girlfriend…. Why are you guys like this…. Babe in search, pls be wise in your search…. Am sorry this ones can’t help your situation

    1. I can’t do such a thing, its not wise at all searching for a boy friend at your age you don’t know God. Please start now is not too late look for God as in Matthew 6:33 please my belove God loves you more than anything in this world John 3:16 said it I’m not the one saying it but God Himself

  5. Hmmmmmm. I quire understand your plight. I have been dissapointed a lot. If you think am the right guy, you can give me a missed call on 08131208282

  6. The only thing here is that,if u can be able to stay with a guy that has nothing,that is just starting life. Their are many guys out here but the only thing is we are notur class that is what u girls always say ,anyways if u need a serious relationship and here but if u just want to play am not interested ….here is my contacts 09018596649 or 08179509797

    1. There is nothing wrong in one expressing his/her heart 💜 desire. Timidity leads one to die in silence. Bravo to her. May God Almighty see u through. Wats ur age bracket?

  7. Hi beautiful! You are so much like the lady of my dreams! What about a date?

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    1. You are so beautiful and amazing.. Your sincerelity will grant u a faithful soul mate …that my number 08133704881

    2. I wish you best of luck,but sister it really hard to get a real guy sincere online, bcoz mis of them if they get what they want from you they will disappear.So you have to be very very careful i wish I have your contact ,then I will tell u how to know a good guy and a bad one.

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  8. If she’s truly serious then no problem because her beautiful is out of the world, she’s is a woman every man need in his life, dear am also serious I can’t get my eyes if u this is my number, 08021057007

    1. It doesn’t make sense to me ok, as she fine reach no man dey approach her ba…. I hear , maybe she has played with men and they are doin the same to her , or she get spiritual problem either way u guys dropping numbers is weakness to me….abegggy

  9. Wow for real ……. If you are so serious about this chat me up on my contact 08144111027 ……. Let’s have an heart to heart talk

  10. Every one releasing phone number? Sister you need God first before friend. Make Jesus your friend then Godly friend will locate you sister.

  11. Am interested but am not rich oh… But I can try my best making her happy and I need a loving woman to get married to.

  12. Please just contact me let pray together your need will be answer, l promise in Jesus name or WhatsApp number 08072048996 okay

  13. I don’t want to contest any argument with anyone but how do I sure she is serious about real relationship and what age does she needed . Take my number if you are serious and interested 08136457297.

  14. I understand ur pains dear , sometimes we are depressed by loneliness an therefore seek a means of solution,I just wish u good luck in ur search

  15. If u need boyfriend I’m caring and loyal guy
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  16. Is good to have a new boyfriend, but what happened between you and your old one did he broke your hart ,or you couth him with another girl OK may god help you ….07056601824 my WhatsApp number

  17. Need a new boyfriend? what happened to the Old boy friend or boyfriends, you want to keep on having new boyfriends and Continuous counting. Well not a joke. Have ONE and to maintain.

  18. Pretty damsel.. you’re such an angel..don’t really know why you make this decision buh irrespective of any…I think we can make this work out… is my digit, would love if you can message or call me….

  19. Inbox me if u are serious am not joking and its not a prank too 08166770770 I will try my best not to make u write dis ever again

  20. My dear good luck
    Me while I need a Casual girl friend, just friend who can always be my partner for real

    1. Anyway, You are so pretty and gooad
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  21. You need a new boy friend, which means you have got one before , you need a new one now leaving the first, and again you don’t need husband

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  22. You are a wise girl to no what you want and to be proud to say it to the public, but be careful in making choice,

    1. Okay my name is Emmanuel Tossavi I am from cotonou Benin Republic but I live in Nigeria Lagos I am a security guard for millennium estate gbagada I’m interested if you don’t mind this is my WhatsApp number 09121002562 that is my WhatsApp number my name on Instagram Emmaboy1990 that is it thank you so much

  23. She’s cute an sexy.. but how is her character is ?? Is she a wife material? Or is she looking for a rich guys .. or looking for true an caring love ❓

    1. Are you for real or you just needed comment’s? Can we have a good talk if you really mean what your saying ok

      1. U see der are one and one thousand people wanting u, pls believe in urself, God is real, go to motherless baby home, children below 10 year for parts, as u believe why do this I pray it’s be answered, Amen,, 08030899292

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