I Helped a Couple Who Are Strangers Sleep In My House, Only to Find Out This In the Morning

It was one of my saddest day, and sometimes I don’t regret it because I wanted to do good, but I was scared, as the moment I helped a couple, who were strangers to me, sleep in my house, only to find something different in the morning.

I woke up on a Friday morning, as I prepared for work, my house was very far from where I worked in Osun state.

I’m being called Wale by everyone, and after work that day, I decided to take some drinks at a nearby bar, I was exhausted and felt the need to quickly go home, it was 7:20pm, and just when I entered my street with my car, I noticed from afar, two persons trying to stop me by waving their hands, I immediately stopped, and winded down my car, they were in their mid thirties and late thirties respectively, male and female.

They quickly asked me that they were stranded and if I could render them a but of shelter, as tomorrow they will leave, I looked at the time, it was late, I felt the need to say no, but my conscience kicked in.

I asked, are you dating, but they replied that they were married, that alone made me accept as I thought they were responsible. I agreed, let them into my car, and drove straight to my estate. I stayed in a two bedroom apartment, well furnished, and ventilated, took them in, and offered them a drink.

However, they told me they would love to sleep, I took them to my other room, and bid them goodnight. I slept happily like I have won a lottery, because of the good I thought I did. It was 8am, I woke up, and couldn’t hear the door open, I waited, I became scared, then I went knocking, but didn’t get a response, my patience disappointed me, and I kicked the door open, behold I was wet an unbelievable scene.

Intead of the couples, I saw two cats lying on my bed TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING THE STORY

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