I Have Everything a Man Wants and More – Bobrisky Makes a List of Her ‘Exceptional’ Qualities

Controversial Cross dresser Bobrisky is still lying to himself about being a woman as she brags about having everything a man wants in a woman claiming she’s ready to shower her man with all these qualities.

He posted on her Snapchat handle bragging about being rich and can always support her man financially when he’s down or need urgent cash and she doesn’t need his money but won’t say no if he gives her money.

She also bragged about being pretty thanks to filters and also being a good cook who will be cooking fresh foods for him,

He also added that he has home training hence she’s never going to disrespect her man and does a lot of charity for those who need her help.

To Bobrisky, all she listed are the qualities every man needs in a woman and she has it all as well as ready to shower it on any man that comes into her life.

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