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I Have Been Sleeping With My Brother Since JHS 3 And We Have Done 8 Abortions – Lady Shares Story

When you think nothing can surprise you in the world anymore, the world proves you wrong by surprising you than you have ever been.

Parents should be very attentive to their young ones because most of the twisted personalities and behaviors we are witnessing now were seeds planted from childhood.

A very strange story of a lady who started dating and sleeping with her

brother since her Junior High School days has surfaced on social media.

Aside from the incestuous act committed by these siblings, they also have committed to eight abortions in an attempt to hide their little secret. The lady shared her story with her roommate who due to the shocking and disgusting of the story chose to share it on the internet.

The lady in question is only 23 years old but has already done 8 abortions and she revealed she can’t stop dating and sleeping with her brother because she doesn’t find anyone else attractive.

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