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I Have Been Sleeping With My Boss Behind My Boyfriend’s Back But Now They Both Want To Marry Me

A lady has shared one of the most confusing and breathtaking romantic relationship dilemmas you can find on the internet today. According to the lady, her boyfriend of six years is preparing to marry her whereas she’s busily entangled in another relationship with her boss, and both the two men are not aware that they are sharing the same woman.

The lady revealed that she has been in a relationship with her boyfriend since University and committed to him as well but she doesn’t know what influenced her to accept her boss’ proposal. She admitted that both the men are very caring and good but her dilemma is; both of them want to marry her.

She explained that she can’t tell her boss about her boyfriend because that would likely affect her career and can’t tell her boyfriend about her boss either because she doesn’t want to lose him. Twisted right?



  1. The fact is that! Some Girls are fake, now You’re also telling us that what?
    How can you stay in a relationship with someone for six years when you’re just doing rubbish šŸ—‘?
    Some people are satans but they don’t know.

  2. You are playing with your future.It is time you marry your choice. You can not marry 2 at a time. Note, that which attracts them will soon perish.
    You can marry one and continue with one extra marritally. That is devilish and you are one, 4 allowing men to access you outside wedlock and you are shameless to tell world.
    Be careful 4 by the time they suck you finish, none of them will marry you. Then you’ll go looking for gigolos jare.

  3. You’re simple a call girl, a soldier if fortune.. You can’t eat your cake and have it. Both of them will discover, use you very well to their fill and dump you like a used rag. And that will be a good reward for you. It’s obvious you enjoy multiple relationships. Increase the men my girl. But remember everything has its reward.

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