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“I have a problem because I can’t really stay with one guy.” Lady confesses and seeks help

A young lady whose identity is kept anonymous took to Facebook to render a confession and as well seek help from Facebook users.

She commenced by saying that she really has a problem and her problem is that she can’t possibly cling to only one guy. According to her, she finds it very difficult giving her trust to guys since her previous boyfriend cheated on her thrice.

“I find it really difficult to trust guys since my first boyfriend cheated on me thrice…one with my cousin…his bestie and my classmate” she revealed.

She mentioned that four years down the line, she met another guy who is so into her however she feels sorry for him because “I am waiting for the day I will get tired of him then dump him” she confessed.

According to her, the guy is too emotional because he had suffered a bad relationship in the past and so he kept hinting on marriage and kids but that kept freaking her out since she is already going out with three other guys.

She indicated that she tried breaking up with the other guys to be with this caring and serious guy but they ain’t ready to let go of her. “I don’t wanna break his heart…it will bring his world crushing down” she ended emotionally.

This is the case of “Those want don’t get and those who get don’t want”. Now what should she do? She seeks your help to make the right decision.

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