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I Cheated On My Husband With His Brother Because He Didn’t Give Me What I Wanted

My name is Sophia and I intentionally cheated on my husband cause I’m fed up of the way he treated me. He was the one that caused it.

Whenever I try to get close to my husband he begins to tell me stories like, I am tired let make it tomorrow I don’t know why he is doing that. I was tired of my husband telling me he is tired so I find a solution for it, so I decided to cheat on him with his brother who stays with us.

He looks very good, I told him what his brother is putting me through. I asked him to help me, he accepted my offer now he gives me what I want anytime and anywhere.

I did all this because my husband was ignoring me and I can’t stay with someone like that so his brother helped me and I know what I did was right. But my husband caught as and he have decided to leave me but I am not going anywhere because it wasn’t my fault but rather his. I hope what I am doing is right?

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