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I Caught My Mom Cheating, I Told My Dad, You Can’t Believe His Reaction

I was twenty years when I found out my mom was cheating on my dad. I was a first-year student at the university and had returned home for vacation.

I went to see my mom in her office one day and she left me for a meeting. Just some minutes after she left, I heard a beep sound, apparently coming from her phone. After a series of beeps, a call came through. I went to the phone and answered the call.

It was a gentleman seeking to have a word with her. I told him my mom wasn’t around so he hung up. It was then the messages on the phone caught my eyes. I didn’t intend to read but somehow I was drawn to it since it was already opened.

“Would you pass by after work tonight so we spend some time together?”

That was the message that caught my attention. I went back to previous messages to make sure I wasn’t making things up. Everything was out there! They’ve kissed, they’ve traveled on several occasions, they’ve had sex and they’ve been together for about three years. “How could that be?” I questioned myself. “Where has dad been all this while?”

Mom had been a great mom to me. I’m the only child and she never ceased to provide and be there for me but from that day going, I started looking back and assessing the relationship that existed between my mom and dad.

Dad is the reserved type. He rather acts than talk. My mom didn’t like talking a lot too but she was very outgoing and forthcoming. Between them, they didn’t talk a lot. My mom would usually spend the night watching TV and dad would be somewhere around the house minding his own business.

They had been able to live for twenty-two years being like that with each other so I guessed nothing was wrong. They never fought—I never saw them exchanging words so finding out my mom was cheating was a very big blow to me.

I needed someone to talk to.

Talking about it with my dad was out of the question. I feared he would be angry and trigger a divorce. I have a lot of wishes—having my parents divorced wasn’t one of those. Dad caught a hint of my mood and asked what the problem was. I couldn’t say the truth. He thought I was having boy issues and rather tried to convince me to share with him.

Yeah, I was having issues except that the person involved here was his own wife.

A week before school resumes, I gathered courage and had a discussion with mom…

“I know you are seeing someone else apart from dad,” I said. “And I know you’ve been seeing him for over three years. I know also that you’ve been traveling with him and spending time with him after work.”

Surprisingly she wasn’t stunned. She said, “You’ve been reading my text messages. I underestimated you. How long have you been doing that?” I kept repeating, “Mom why are you doing this to dad? You want to break up with him?”

She said nothing at first, she only kept staring at me. She answered, “You know only half of the story. Don’t judge me.” “I’m not judging you. I’m only asking you why.” She still looked calm. No sign of remorse or regrets.

“Are you planning on telling your dad?”

“If you don’t stop, I’ll have no option than to tell him.”

I thought that would put some fear in her but I was lying. She only said, “Let’s see what happens.”

I’ve been in school for about two months. I called my dad one night and asked him to give the phone to my mom to speak to her. He told me, “Your mom hasn’t returned from work and it’s already 10 pm.” I got triggered. It was like I was possessed.

I called mom’s phone several times after speaking with dad but she didn’t pick. She called the next morning to tell me she was busy. “Busy with your boyfriend I guess?” I shouted on the phone. She responded, “I’m still your mom, give me some respect, ok?” She hung up.

I was so angry I couldn’t think straight. My dad was a good man and to the best of my knowledge, he was playing his role as a husband impeccably well.

I went home that evening to spill the beans. As usual, mom hadn’t returned from work. Dad was in the dining hall eating rice he himself had cooked. I sat next to him and told him everything; “Mom is cheating on you. I found out from her messages. She comes home late because she goes to see the other man after work.”

He was quiet. He didn’t say a word. “Did you hear what I just said? Mom is chea…”

“I know!” He interrupted. “I’ve always known her ways from day one.”

“You what! Do you know? And you haven’t done anything about it?”

He stopped eating and turned to me, “I haven’t done anything about it? I have. The first time I caught her cheating, I had to warn the other man to stay away from her. And he did. Not too long after, she dated a guy who was 15 years younger than her. I used her own phone to send a pleading text to the guy to stay away from my wife. The guy left.

She pleaded for forgiveness and promised not to do it again. But you see, I can’t keep chasing flies off your mom. She can stay away from the flies if she wants to.”

I’ve lived with these two all my life and didn’t realize they were going through such hard times? Where have I been? I was a girl and maybe didn’t think too much of them but since that day, I respected my dad more and resented my mom with all I have.

I stopped picking her calls and refused to see her when she came around looking for me in school. She kept telling me, “You know only half of the story. Don’t judge me.”

So what is the other half of the story?

Dad insisted there was no other half story and if there was any, he wasn’t aware of it. Mom wouldn’t tell me what the other side of the story was. She claimed, “You are a child. Our daughter. You can’t know all of our struggles, especially the intimate ones. Leave us to fight our own issues.”

They never divorced and no one ever heard them fighting about this issue.

I grew up and took less interest in the way they lived their lives. After all, they were both ok so who was I to get angry on their behalf?

Dad died recently. He still wore his wedding ring with pride regardless of all the struggles. In my mom’s tribute to him, she called my dad a warrior. I knew what that meant. It takes only a warrior to live with a woman like her until the end.

But I wasn’t done until I got the “other half” of the story.

Mom said…

“When you were about four years old, your dad became impotent as a result of a sickness he was battling with. You were four and I was hitting twenty-five. That was the reason we had only you. For the rest of my life, I had to endure a sexless life with your dad.

I tried. God knows I did my best. Your father became impotent and also resigned from any affair with me. He didn’t even sleep next to me or even held me during the cold hours of the dawn.

A gentleman found me beautiful at a point I thought I was decaying. He was all over me so I gave up resistance and had an affair with him. Your dad got a hint and drove him away. Another came my way. He was a boy but had the mind of a man. I had him and when I thought everything was going on fine, your dad happened.

He drove that one too away. He drove them away and yet starved me of his presence and connection. Your dad was a good father and a friend but he wasn’t a good husband. I wasted my youth with him and that came at a price.”

That is the other half of the story. Dad is gone and can’t defend himself but mom had no reason to lie. I concluded that mom was a bad bitch but she too had her reason. Who am I to judge?


  1. How do you access yourselves sexually? Note that premarital sex is a serious sin, hence shouldn’t be endulge in and not advisable. Pray fervently before choosing your spouse. Ask God for your bone of your bones and He will sure give the one who will be faithful in all things till death do you path.

  2. Your mum is a liar and she’s wicked. She’s been cheating long before your dad discovered . Maybe it’s not true that your father was impotent before he died. Why can’t your mum tell the other half of the story while your dad was alive?
    Pray for deliverance to remove this curse over your life.
    God will be with you.

  3. This are causes parents normal leave to children, it was by God’s grace that you discovered the secret by your self because of your faith in God,you need slot of prayers to break the chain, since you are the only child, the new prayerfully family will begin with you, only for give and let the lord fight for you as you have quit moments of prayer and fasting also praying with the prayer teams. It is difficult to handle alone but easier with God. B blessed

  4. It is still a trying moment for you, if it was inherited cause, pray and set yourself Free from it since you are the only child, the new and prayerfully generation will start with you just forgive . Take heart,as you pray alone and with prayer teams. B blessed

  5. I like your courage and that was why your dad open up to you, but as for your mum she is wicked and a liar she killed you dad in order for her to have her way so she can tell you lies otherwise she would have told you the other half she claimed when your dad was still alive, don’t never trust her, she may even take your boyfriend from you be ware

  6. As a Christian what your mother did is called adultery and pkz let her know that there is no justification for sin b4 God. She needs to do the right restitution by asking for your late father’s forgiveness and for God’s own too

  7. Well the case is closed completely because the man is gone and forever so the floor is open for her till her end comes. Worry not daughter of Eve. All persons sins live with them.

  8. Your mom killed your dad. Your mom is a fucking lier why didn’t she tell you when your dad was alive. The woman is terrible . Men who their wives cheats on them don’t last long. Truth.

  9. Inasmuch this story looks pathetic, it is pointing to every young man and lady to be extremely careful in choosing
    their spouses. Yes, the mother of the girl has been so terrible, but what was their relationship before they got married? How long and well did they understand each other before venturing into marriage? Measure yourselves sexually , emotionally and otherwise and be sure you’re very satisfied with the person you’re considering as a spouse. This is a serious lesson to us all.

  10. Your mother killed her husband. He died because he never got care or love from ur mother who was thinking how to satisfy her self. Impotent indeed. Your love and encouragement would have made him potent. You were busy fucking around without considering how he will feel. You robed his impotency on his face by sleeping around with men. You are wicked. U did not only killed ur husband u destroyed ur daughter’s life. God will pay back when the time comes.

    1. Your dad is a great man if must tell you, you contributed to aerly death of your dad, (algouth we don’t know how old he his before I passed away) but your stepping to their marrital life aids passing to the grave beyond of your dad, please forgive your mom and go on with your life.

    1. Your mum is a sex machine…for her to tell you the other part of the story after the death of ur dad….she Is a
      fucking lier

  11. I’m not here to condemn your mum, but what ever she has told you about your father now he’s dead is unacceptable. Marriage is for better for worse. Who knows if she have been faithfully, patiently and prayerfully ran to the Almighty God, the husband would have been healed and fully restored. In a case like this, jumping from one man to another is never a solution, no man will be happy seeing his wife having sexual intimacy with another man no matter what happened. May your father’s soul rest in peace. Your mother is free now to remarry instead of commiting adultery or fornication.

        1. There are medical solutions to some causes of impotence. Did your dad seek medical help and exhaust the medical options available to him?

        2. Our judgement now cannot help matter ,the knife cause an injury and you throw the knife away, friends the damage has been done, I will only advice the Young lady to look before she leap,and not to live like her mother

  12. Your Mum is supposed to let the cat out of the bag but unfortunately,she waited patiently for your dad demise before revelation.. Karma judge her..

      1. ho my God,now my advise to u is don’t be a prositute like ur mum,becoz her pride is playing sex with young men around,she is the one who killed ur dad,don’t walk on her path plz

  13. It was mom that has problem how she dated 3 different men after your birth still unable to get pregnant if she okay she should have bring pregnancy to the house and give birth to baby for your father

  14. One of these two things caused your dad’s death,1 your mom later killed him or he got depressed to a death stage… Best guess your mom later killed him either way marrying a woman like your mom would shorten one lifetime…. Many men had died this way cos of bad woman

  15. Your mom is such a woman that can never be satisfied sexually, nothing was wrong with your Dad, he was merely exhibiting and showing maturity to avert crisis in their home. She would have said these to enable you confront your Dad. She have opportunity now to date all the men.

    1. If this story is true then take note: Your mom is a big liar and she is a bitch. She would have tell you this when your dad was alive. If your dad was impotent he would have said it and would not have chased away those men. He is not sleeping with her in the same room or bed because your mom have been fucking around cheating on him so that’s why he is staying away fr her matter. Just follow your dad’s words and you will understand. You have a very bad mom. I pray such gene you wouldn’t inherit it too.

          1. It is still a trying moment for you, if it was inherited cause, pray and set yourself Free from it since you are the only child, the new and prayerfully generation will start with you just forgive . Take heart,as you pray alone and with prayer teams. B blessed

      1. If this is true why was she going out with another man why did she have only you why didn’t she give birth to another child with those men. She knows what she was doing not really bcos your dad was impotent but bcos she can find sexual satisfaction with him she is such a beach that can’t control herself but honestly your father is a hero and you hardly find his type but do not let that affect you move on with your life and be a good woman. Do not behave like your mother.

  16. She didn’t tell you her side of the story fully when your Dad was still alive to enable you get the true position of the story only to fabricate what she told you.
    If the man was impotent and had given up his wife, he wouldn’t have driven away those men your mom was flirting with.A man impotent would have been carefree,he became carefree when he realized that there was nothing done that would stop your mom from he escapades. It was in her DNA to cheat and flirt about. She was an insatiable woman. Your Dad had the strength of character to absorb all that your mom threw at him and on the home.
    I wish I had a way to marry you knowing you’d be faithful. Just one in a thousand.
    Bless you exceedingly

    1. She’s a bad bitch indeed I swear and she lied to you. She’s a nympho that couldn’t stand ones a week fuck, as a nympho she wants it every where and every time.

    2. Your mum is a liar. Do you expect a cheat to be truthful? Why waiting for your dad to died before she told the story? Many men will avoid a flirting wife simple. 70% of men would have changed their wives for another woman but for the children.
      Men endure so much emotional abuse just to give their children the comfort and protection if a father. Always be grateful to your dad(if you are lucky to have him alive) most women are selfish and have treated their husbands badly

    3. If she is truthful why didn’t she tell you when he was still alive, so that you can confirm from him? Again, you should do your best not to be like your mom.

  17. So touched . Sorry for what you pass through. Let’s God decides on your way and be prayerful. Both of them tried. Thanks. Still continue loving your mum. She is a great mum either. God give lessons everyday.

    1. If the man wasn’t impotent he wouldn’t have endured all that rather would have divorce his wife. A man will always be a man and no man can take in such except on such grounds or his is under a spell. The woman did it without discretion which is bad she wouldn’t have left a trail if she must do it best on her husband’s condition. I don’t support cheating from both in marriage but then circumstances warrant a lot of things so I can’t judge her. Maybe she couldn’t bring herself to tell her daughter the whole truth when the husband was still alive for fear of hurting the man the more. But I know she told the truth. A complete man will divorce her the man had that health challenge I strongly believe. My humble opinion Sir.

      1. Ask me, men go through a lot in marriages than women, but because of ego, men hardly talk about these issues. This makes the world believe women go through a lot than men. A man withdraw because of a reason from a woman not just impotency Jane.
        The wife had more in her cupboard. But the man indeed is a fighter. Just one close experience to me is all I needed to understand what some men go through and they always “wear a peaceful calmly married man aura without a complain”. SOME MEN ARE INCREDIBLE.

        1. May God have mercy.Even as a believer many women will fall into such error…at 25yrs,it’s unfortunate that the man denied her of closeness nd careress as she said.
          Don’t forget that if it’s d woman that has such problem..even delay in fruitfulness. Some men would have abandoned her for another woman or do it secretly without her knowing
          Young lady, pls forgive ur mum nd forge ahead with’s ur cross.
          You will marry nd ur mum will take care of ur children

      2. The fallen Nature is unjust, and in such a situation, the lady had no other option so let her repent and ask God for his mercy and move on.

  18. For my own opinion she is an adultrous woman even in the eyes of God she is
    I am sure the man was no completely impotent but could not satisfy her as she want
    I don’t know what sickness will make a man impotent and in all the stories she told her daughter she didnot say anything like we went to such such doctor or psychologist for treatment but no avail.Thats why the man said there is no other side of the story
    Her was not impotent but the thing is that he was not able to do it as she wants

    1. Which good woman, good woman in such bad and shameless woman she would have tell her child when the husband was alive what nonsense

  19. It’s so an unfortunate story told after the death of your dad, but my take on the story is to ask a question,is it that your mom desire is to only satisfy her sexual urge and not to have more babies for your dad? Otherwise, she herself may be unproductive too because in all sexual escapade, there was no pregnancy. I think there may be more to her story that was downloaded after the demise of your father. Well, accept the situation as you have seen it because her disposition to it was very disheartening, no attempt to seek the help of God. Please accept my condolences at your dad demise.

    1. Hello, your father has departed right , maybe you wasn’t around when he died, please can you ask your mother about your father’s death,

      1. No matter how you see it, your mum is lying to you.Why did he wait until the death of your Dad before telling you the half truth.Besides, if he’s impotent, he won’t be that jealous as to drive your mum’s boyfriends away.

  20. The woman did not try at all to have waited until the husband’s demise before letting the cat out of the bag. Now the husband is dead and no one to resist all she is saying after she has committed to uncomfortable. A lot of men are passing through similar faces known to both of them. She should have gone to God for solutions and solace rather than becoming adulterous. May the soul of your father rest in peace! May your mother go to God for forgiveness and may you pray not to follow tour mother’s part IJN

  21. Such a heart felt story in situations like this they are ways in which one can go about it through mutual understanding, let’s not forget that sex is part of life not an option, as deprivation is a choice. Instead of resulting to cheating which is an unlawful act they would have just mutual agreed to divorced each other they can leave together if they choose to but not necessarily. Bcos as a man you can’t stay with a barren woman for the rest of your life I bet no man will, but notwithstanding cheating is not the best option.

    1. Anyway, try to understand your mom coz having babies and sex are two different things together. Sex is a feeling which can’t b avoided for many years n a relationship which should be enjoyed to the fullest. But babies are jst a product which can even b avoided. Thank, my condolences

  22. Very sorry about what ur going through . The most important thing is to hold on to God to console and comfort u. Please n please forget about DNA some people are asking u to do . I assure u if there are other Truth u need to no God will reveal it to you with time. Please leave the judgement to God. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace .

  23. From your mom’s view she needed the touch and cuddling from her husband but your dad failure as man could not make him do that, it is not all about the erection but the TLC- tender, loving and caring. But he’s a true warrior, at that stage of your mom age , it is her sex peak but hadn’t been she wase able to tell God , it will have been the best. But in all God knows the best.

  24. She is not born again n no one is praying for problem to befall his marriage because it’s for better for worst, why didn’t she believe God for healing n see what God can do. It is when problem arises in any relationship that u see the true colour of who u are working with. She just showed her stuff,value n virtues, of a truth she is not a virtieous woman. In her trail period she failed. In the wilderness of her marriage she failed..

    1. Very sad that she couldn’t share the pain of her husband’s impotence and be happy with him. There are women who don’t treat sex like food! Thank God the man has gone to rest. Don’t judge her but don’t emulate her .

    2. Very sad that she couldn’t share the pain of her husband’s impotence and be happy with him. There are women who don’t treat sex like food! Thank God the man has gone to rest. Don’t judge her but don’t emulate her .

  25. It is pertinent for you to know that your mum has been having extra marital affairs prior to the time your Dad became impotent…. I depicted your dad’s response when you confronted him”from Day one”.The other side of the story is not something hard that your mum should keep away from you if truly she’s right from inception………. Your Dad is truly a warrior .
    All this notwithstanding, your mum is still your mum so let go of the unpleasant situation and be futuristic.

  26. Am shocked all cos of sex nawa o is it not better u pray God to restore him or stay away from sex like ………….. Smh

    1. Reading this piece drew tears to my eyes and i felt greatly for the man and how deeply he may have been wounded. From his own word to his beloved daughter,he confirmed that there was no other side to the story and that he knew all her ways from day one is an affarmation . I think he felt so wounded from the beginning when he realized that he had married an adultrious woman but somehow thought she could change. And after making some effort to bring sanity into the situation the woman became poised in getting her desires satisfied and the man blanked out and having been left alone the woman was carless and indescret about it , and it was obvious he loved his wife dearly and paid the price for loving the wrong woman. My advice for you is to go get your DNA checked out.
      He died with a big scar in his heart,that is the burden of men who truly loved. My dear you have to choose now wether to be like your mother or your beloved father and save some men from their miseries. God bless his soul.

    2. I am sorry about what happened between your Dad and your Mum, nevertheless, continue to be Faithful to yourself and to God in Heaven, trust God always and remains Faithful when you too will get married, and don’t follow your Mum’s steps. God Bless you.

      1. Your comments really pleased me… you comment as a true Christian let her listen to your advice she will see The Greater blessings from God Almighty

  27. A proud father will tell her only daughter at that age 21 anything. Because he must have seen her as part of him not to hide anything from her. Your mum’s way wasn’t pure and she’s not ready to amend and make things work. Your Dad died emotional traumatized because of your mum’s way of life. Impotence doesn’t really mean there is no erection, but they can still enjoy the intimate relationship as husband and wife. Only that he won’t be able to father a child any longer and thank God they had you before the problem started. At that time your dad really need your mum to stand by him but she was only interested about her own sexual urge satisfaction. That’s selfishness. Please my dear, what happened is a lesson for you and don’t follow your mum’s footsteps. Sorry for the loss of your dad. God will be with you.

  28. Marriage is defined as conjugal relationship. So if you remove conjugation out of it, the substance is gone. It does not mean that one can’t live without sex but you need divine intervention to stay in a sexless marriage. That is the truth. Since the man was once virile, he should not have resigned so much. He could still cuddle his wife and use his fingers to give her orgasms. Women love long caresses and little stimulation will satisfy them.
    May his soul rest in peace. Madam please move close to God and you will find imeadursble satisfaction and peace which no man can give. Daughter, you have learnt some lessons here too. Patience and Godliness are inseparable virtues we must cultivate.
    May God help us all in Jesus name.

    1. I am shocked at the level of naivety displayed here. Foremost, if the impotence in the context of this story is the one the man still had erection you think there will be any issue? What do you expect a 25yrs old woman to do with a man who could not consumate the marriage? Who would have been embarrassed if the real story became public knowledge? The hero here is that woman..

        1. The Hero is the man. Sex is all the woman sees that why she became adulterous. Rather than doing that to the man divorce would hv been better. The man died of Emotional trauma.

      1. Please you said your name is niyi ojo right what you wish for you come to you what’s the man pass through shall be your portion and you will see the part of it I pray you see live long enough to tell the story to the world just like him so next time you will think before you talk since she is your hero may your hero come to your home and into your life since you said sex is a food then your second half shall let you know that you’re not enough for he or she you don’t think before talking it seems like you are too naive I’m sorry to say that

    2. Some people still believe this adulterous woman.To me, what led to the man’s death is as a result of this woman’s wickedness.

  29. Hummmmmm, one can’t just fathom issues that comes up in marriages, the two party won’t tell you the whole truth, except you are the one in the marriage it might be difficult for you to have an understanding of what the couples were actually passing through, but I just wish your mom had tell you the other half before your father died, may be you would have helped them amend the situation, but all the same I pray the lord preserve your mom, and help all the couples struggling with one issue or the other out there (am inclusive).

    1. My sister if you go dipper and check your DNA you may find out what made all of them kept living, two of them may actually not be your biological parents. Maybe they kept to themselves to make you happy, so your mother might have been hiding the truth.Anyway take the world as you see it, because there’s a saying that says if a child is not matured and start looking for what killed his father,if he is not careful what killed his father will kill him (proverb) so my dear you have done your best, leave the rest to God. May your dad’s soul rest in peace.

    2. The woman is truly dishonest at this point for not have disclosed the second half of the whole issue to her daughter, supposedly she is sincere to herself, the family and her daughter who is of age to know what is happening and probably proffer a solution for peace unity and progress that had eluded the family for years. Cheers.

    3. Yep.
      The daughter might not even be the man’s.
      Secondly, don’t judge. Pray to God not to fall into temptation.

  30. Your story is touching. Your mom is not lying, No African man will find out his wife is cheating, and take it lightly like he did. Humanly speaking, she tried her best, stayed with him to keep his secret, and took the blame from you, untill he died.
    If it were the man now, he would have married another, or divorced her.
    May God rest his soul. For your mum, well I have nothing to tell her.

    1. It is ve4y difficult to judge one of 5hem , how ever when w3 get married w3 promise for bette4 for worse. You4 dad never wanted to be unwell, he too was troubled by such a condition but mom too wanted to enjoy her youthful sex

  31. So she means she can’t stay without sex? Why is the remaining half story coming out after the man died, all the time she was busy telling you about the half story when the man was alive to defend himself she didn’t do it, now the man is dead she now have time to lie against the man, God go judge you moda fucker, Some faithful reverend sisters have been living since all their lives without sex and you are there blaming the innocent man for your sin. Repent now and ask God and the man’s spirit to forgive you. Because i believe as someone who was battling with the so called impotency as you said was having the same urge and feelings you were having that introduced you into infidelity but can’t do anything and you couldn’t consider him. Jezebel

      1. Please talking of reverend sisters not doing it, remember some of them that endures not having sex never tested it, it’s easier not to have tested it than to test and be denied of it. The woman can’t lie with such explanations to the daughter, she didnt tell her daughter the half part because she probably wanted to keep the man’s secret and there’s no African man that will find out about his wife’s infidelity and keep quiet except some thing like this is involved.

  32. If it were to be your mummy that had an inadequacy/ problem in her sexual life, im sure that your daddy who became sober, quiet and withdrawn because of his inadequacy would have done worse. May his soul rest in peace while i will advise your mummy to respect the dead by stopping her sleeping around.

  33. This is stupid from both parent. Look there is absolute room for divorce in this case. He ought to have discussed with her and opt for a divorce, since she can’t be denied her sex life as she wishes to and the man can’t provide remedy
    For God’s sake there is a child between them already, why the blush.
    Most marriages are rattled with lack of sex owing to illnesses today. The good thing that will be is tfor the couple to have had a child already in that marriag.. Since the challenge is to the man let the woman go. He was a dishonest man, why not open up to you daughter, the life of absolutism is what I hate.
    To me I am ready to let go if you wish, if you tsay with me it is your choice and you musnt date to my account, or suspicion.any from me will be resisted depending on the kind of woman she has been. It is not his fault, so why chain his hands in perpetuity. You can’t be dating someone other than me and you expect me to cuddled you or romance an excuse. We must be ready to carry our cross or be decisive. Is life about sex, if yes then to marry some one else.

  34. I believe d woman saying d truth if not her husband wouldn’t take it lightly with her, d mistake she made was to tell d daughter after her husband died.

  35. I think your dad played along because he didn’t want his inadequacy exposed. May his soul rest in peace and grant your mom her heart’s desires.

  36. This is why I can’t even trust lady for anything even she’s telling the truth and I will still be like this is a chronic lies… I know what my mother did to My Dad…. … God will be with you daughter…….

  37. God bless u bro that woman is a big cheat ,that she waited till the man died to tell her so called truth ,thats if shes not the one that killed the man to be totally free from him and also create a peaceful flow with the daughter,madam go ahead for you have killed him to enjoy ur infidelity life ,God will judge us all

    1. If you keep living with that hatred for women and still dwell in what your mom did to your dad ,hmmm you will end up regretting it ,hurting yourself, unfulfilled and offending God. In all allow God,put God first,I bet you ,you won’t regret it ,as much God in HEAVEN is involved, trust me ,you will end up rejoicing and Happy .that’s my advice, and please forgive me if advising you makes you angry ,am sorry.thanks and God bless you.

  38. The mother made a sacrifice by waiting for the man to die before talking. If she had spoken earlier, the girl would still seek confirmation from her dad, and afterwards regard him with pity, which would be devastating to the male ego.

  39. Your mother might not be telling lies, but God knows u av done ur part as sea child… in fact am short of words once ur dad is no more, he was a man all 2ru, may he rest on.

    1. For the fact that she didn’t say it while the man was alive ,I take that to be a cover up ,she was supposed to tell her so the girl can do her findings and be cleared that her mum wasn’t really cheating but for her mum to waut until the man can no longer defend himself to tell this story ,let it be between she and God ,for me she’s lying.

    2. That woman killed ur Dad to clear the air and be free from this matter thats all for the fact she waited for him to die to say this ,she’s knows about his death ,sure she Is lying .

  40. Your mother might not be telling lies, but God knows u av done ur part as sea child… in fact am short of words once ur dad is no more, he was a man all 2ru, may he rest on.

    1. She killed the Her husband final… She is not a good wife and to is better to be like brother Paul in the Bible in other to take a word call wife in addition to our lives… 😢😢 I know what My mother did to my Dad and she is still lying to Me as if I don’t know the truth……. God will bless us with a good wife not a shame and wicked one

  41. Your story was painful but your daddy could have told you the reason to clear your doubt but he was no more. Nevertheless that was a cross your daddy carried till his last breath

  42. Your Mum lied.what was is in her story she couldn’t tell you when your Dad was alive so you could confirm from him?I am of the opinion that your mom is a great flirt, which was discovered by your dad,hence he caved in cos of her infidelity.

  43. Its well, God will help them both, relationship is powerful, and thats the reason we are adviced never to judge anyone.

    1. God bless u bro that woman is a big cheat ,that she waited till the man died to tell her so called truth ,thats if shes not the one that killed the man to be totally free from him and also create a peaceful flow with the daughter,madam go ahead for you have killed him to enjoy ur infidelity life ,God will judge us all

  44. You have played your part and l praised you for that. Judge not the bible says nd that is the conclusion of the whole story…

    1. The truth of the matter is that your dad remain faithful to your mom till death separate them, you yourself can testify to it and your mum even confirmed it.They married for better or for worse and because of the man impotency your mum started having extra marital affairs with different kinds of men.she is a lier she will Never tell you the truth, there is an adage that say a lier will say his or her witness is in heaven,why didn’t she tells you the truth when he is alive? Well just move on with your life and don’t condemn your mum. Your dad sacrificed everything for you. he is your hero and died as agreat man.

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