I Asked My Sick Husband To Let Me Cheat On Him Since He Can No Longer Perform His Duty – Woman Says

The purpose of marriage, according to God, is to produce offspring and populate the earth. God has not established any conditions for a person to divorce his or her partner. In church, the vows taken by the couple is till death do us apart. In view of this, sickness cannot be the basis for a man or woman to divorce his or her partner. The lady in your picture was very much aware of this principle in marriage and decided not to divorce her husband even though he is sick and cannot perform his duty as a man.

The lady revealed to Autie Naa, the host of Oyerapa Afotuo, on Oyerepa FM 100.7 that she is married to her husband and they have given birth to five children. Everything was working perfectly in their marriage until her husband got sick. He can no longer execute his duties as a man in bed, and she has been concerned about this for a long time. As a result, she informed her mother, who urged her to speak with her husband and see if he would allow her to see another man while they were still married.Auntie Naa was concerned about how the lady conveyed her mother’s advice to her sick husband, because any man would find this arrangement difficult to accept. However, the lady claimed that she went to her husband and informed him, “Egya Kobina, I know we’re married and have five children, but this stroke has rendered you unable of performing your duties as a man in bed. I am unable to leave my marriage, but I am still young and require the company of a man. Please give me permission to see another man while we are married “.

Whether the husband accepted this idea from the wife with a good heart only God knows because every man is jealous. If you were to be in the husband’s shoes, what will you tell your wife?

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