“I Allowed my Hubby to Marry a Second Wife But They Took my Kids And Chased me Away” Lady Narrates

Aisha Ake is a mother to two beautiful kids but she is unable to see or visit them after her husband married a second wife, took her kids and they chased her away.

Aisha was married of at the age of 13 and she knew nothing about the marriage. They first consulted their mother inlaw in everything they did with her husband.

At the beginning everything was fine until when her husband decided to marry a second wife. She allowed him to marry as long as he provided for the kids and continued to respect her.

After her husband married the second wife, everything changed and to make everything thing worse, he took his second wife to Aisha’s house where they lived together but it was not easy.

Her husband could no longer take food cooked by Aisha and he even asked her to leave his house but she insisted on living with him with the fear if she left, her kids would suffer.

On this particular day when she was chased away, she was brutally beaten up while the second wife watched and later they threw her out of the house.

The kids were left with the two and Aish was left with no other choice but to report the whole incident although she never got the custody of her kids.

The father of her kids divorced her through a text message and that’s how their marriage ended. She has not been able to spend time with her kids and she has not been able to get justice.

She now pleading with any Kenyan lawyer who can offer to assist her get her kids back because she is aware that the kids are suffering in the hands of their step mother.

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