How to Move on from a Past Relationship

1. It’s hard to heal when you’re confused or angry about your breakup. Whether you saw your breakup coming from a mile away, or whether you feel blindsided, it’s completely understandable to hold onto negative emotions. Here are key steps to start letting go of that resentment so you can free yourself and move on:

Rather than blaming yourself or your partner, think of the broader causes that might’ve led to your breakup (ex. wounds from old relationships, mental health, finances, life stage etc.).

Take control of your story. Try to see the events of the breakup as they are, and focus on a positive future full of love.

Practice gratitude. Think about the incredible relationships and opportunities you have right now in your life.



2 Remember both the good and the bad.

2. Move on from the Past in a Relationship

Romanticizing past partners can make it hard to move on. It’s completely normal to hold onto the imaginary future you envisioned with an ex rather than seeing the reality of the relationship. Think back on all the love and wonderful experiences you shared with your partner. At the same time, take a second to recognize your former partner’s flaws and any problems, fights, and pet peeves from your relationship.

Comparing past relationships to present relationships makes it easier to be critical of potential new partners. By remembering the reasons why you and your ex broke up, you can open yourself up to new people and possibilities.

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