How To Look Younger Than Your Age With A Simple Weekly Routine

According to beauty experts, there is no need for surgery to reverse the effects of aging. There are simple day to day simple activities that can get you looking five years younger than you currently look. Keep reading to find out ways you can look younger than your AGE.

Drink lots of water. It turns out that one of the best-kept secrets for having younger-looking, healthier skin is as simple getting lots of water into your system. Your body weight is largely made up of water, and when you don’t drink enough of it, it manifests itself in your skin. Your skin becomes dry, dull, and prematurely aging without enough water.

Engage in cardio exercises. Cardiovascular activity, usually referred to as aerobic exercise or cardio, is crucial for health. It increases the heart rate.

Exercises such as swimming, cycling, stair climbing, and treadmill can strengthen a person’s lower body. With less strain on a person’s joints than walking or jogging, the elliptical machine can offer the same cardio advantages. 

Eat anti-aging foods. You should eat foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. Some foods to consider include, red bell pepper, avocado, broccoli, berries, spinach and papaya.

Take care of your skin. Limit your bathing time. Your skin’s natural oils are removed by hot water and extended showers or baths. Don’t use harsh soaps. Strong detergents and soaps can remove oil from your skin. Shave with caution. Apply shaving cream, lotion, or gel to your skin before shaving to lubricate and protect it. Hydrate and moisturize your lips and skin when it is dry.


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