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How I Allowed My Moment Of Weakness With A Male Colleague At Work Almost Ruined My Life

Things got rough after my service year. No more government allowance, no more government employment. I was broke and jobless.

My mother hated idleness. It was hard asking for money from her.

About two months after my return, my phones got stolen. That made matter worst. Those phones were very expensive. I became so sad and helpless.

Jobs from big organizations weren’t forthcoming. I needed a new phone but there was no money or help from anyone.

I printed my CV and certificate and went searching for teaching jobs. It was easier to get a teaching job in my community.

After my long tour to various schools, I got a job in one with twenty thousand salary.

I resumed on the first working day of the following month. That was when it all started.

I was introduced to the members of the staff. The only person that caught my eye was the art teacher with well spoken English.

He wasn’t handsome per say neither was he tall. He didn’t even score a 5 out of 10 on my checklist but I being a fan of well spoken English was pleased to become friends with him.

Being a teacher was tough in that school. The cunning proprietor made me the only Science teacher for all classes in junior and senior secondary school. It was very rough.

I had to teach 12 subjects and I ran from class to class everyday without a free period.

My only consolation was that I was saving up for a new phone.

I started bonding with this male colleague and we discovered we lived in the same estate. From that day, we walked to work and back home daily.

Not too long, he started showing interest. I just kept it at bay.

He later discovered that I earned more than he did, then he was being paid fifteen thousand naira. From the day of discovery, he started making demands.

I, being a generous and gullible person, started giving him from my salary. Most times, I borrowed to meet his needs.

I started taking care of him and it was luck if I managed to get two thousand naira out of my salary because he always found a way to get all my money.

At one point, I had to refuse him and I got the phone.

I got a job in a firm but he begged me not to leave him behind.

Who would miss a better offer because of a guy? Well, I did. I stayed behind and we started dating.

He would teach me to lie to my parents and got me out of the house during weekends. He would take me to his friend’s place and make me commit abominable acts.

It was when a new set of female corpers where deployed to our school then my senses reset.

He would abandon me and hang out with one of them. The lady hung to him like tick.

I was secretly jealous.

When salary came, he would return attention to me. I was now taking care of him and his friends. I was their money bag. I bought expensive things for him.

I became fed up of my dirty acts with him, my no saving style because I spent all on him and the working condition became so bad.

The proprietor cruelly added three more subjects to my truckload of subjects. I was also involved in the cleaning of the storey building school since he refused to employ a cleaner.

I got fed up but I lingered waiting for my salary.

Proprietor thought he was smart and delayed payment to the end of the first week of the new month.

Immediately I received my salary, I dropped my resignation letter on the pile of textbooks in my possession and I left.

I was done with his bad rubbish.

I resumed at another organization the following Monday.

As a result of leaving, the former colleague that I was dating became hostile to me.

I refused to give in to continuing the immoral acts with him. He stopped talking to me and even answering my calls for a month.

I also discarded him and started living a normal and healthy life.

When he realized that his free bread and butter weren’t coming in again, he came with his friend to apologise.

I told them I had forgiven him but I would never continue in that toxic relationship with him.

Till date, I’ve told no one what transpired at my former place of work and the main reason for my leaving.

I still run into him since we live in the same estate. I just simply wave at him and walk away.

I still live with the regret of my wasted months with him, my extreme foolishness and lost of job opportunity.

Ladies, be wise. A funny accent or a well spoken English doesn’t make be speaker a sensible person.

There are so many wolves out there seeking those to devour.

Don’t be like me. Don’t be a prey. Be wise.

Lastly, never mix business with pleasure and don’t disclose your salary figure to anyone.

He that has an ear, let him hear.


  1. Well, he was a lucky idiot,
    He will never meet your type again.
    God bless him with a wife but he wasted the blessing out of greed.
    Now that you realize on time, pls never be a victim to senseless grammatical scandulus again, ok?
    Stay focus, and stay safe

  2. He will regret ever messing up with a wife material, he will miss you his entire life, you wasted a very good job because you were carried away by his smartness, and I think is because you’d never learnt a lesson before, but thank GOD, you eventually became wise

  3. Your lesson is never a wasted effort, though you learned in a hard way.
    Remember you wouldn’t have gotten to, or achieving your gold or shown directions or sense of belonging, if not for this ugliest experience.
    Thanks for sharing to educates the foolish.

  4. It is a terrible experienced. Most of us can easily lure with what we like most & we even care to know the person true color. Although, u had learned ur lesson

  5. Life if a jorney its never beem late for almighty u went through that,yeah!it can define ur past but not now en present ,no the purpose of love,

  6. You’ve realized your misdeeds and repented, God is faithful He has forgiven you I hope. For me your decisions are right and honourable. See yourself as a virgin of Christ and stand firm, thank you and good luck.

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