How Can We Progress As A Nation? Ghanaians React To Alleged UCC Quiz Questions

The University of Cape Coast one of the best Universities in Ghana. People cherish them for their strictness and discipline. However they have come under criticism for an alleged quiz questions asking students to answer “what some Ghanaians believe to be “unnecessary” questions.

The question is allegedly set by the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. The quiz 1 asked the following questions.

“I. Write down the quiz question that was given to the class at the last lecture held at NLT.” (3 marks).

II. Answer the question you have just written down for question 1. (13marks)”.

Many Ghanaians believe that, the third quiz question is in the right order but the first two questions aren’t necessary.


“With this behavior, how can you produce scholars and experts to change miserable economy? Such silly questions just to punish students?” A user wrote.

“A lot of students didn’t attend lectures and also didn’t write the quiz. If you don’t remember the question at the lectures, then you have failed day.” A user added.

Another user wrote;

“If this is real then the whole department is nothing to write home about. What happens to those who could not attend the lecture? I mean those who had genuine reasons.How do we progress as a country with such questions?”

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