History Of The Two Rivers In That Never Mix Together – Photo

The Strange History Of The Two Rivers In Nigeria That Never Meet

Ogwuta Lake has an interesting story. One half of the lake is a brownish colour; the other half flows clearly and almost appears green. They have never come together.

Across the world, from Stonehenge to the Great Sphinx of Giza, there are remarkable creations and naturally occurring phenomena that can only be described by the term we use to refer to them; wonders.

They are those structures that both impress and confound us, enough to command a kind of respect that almost feels like reverence and put them in a class of their own; a class that preserves them into classical antiquity.

In many ways, these wonders, especially those made by nature’s hand, are mysteries, more than anything else.

Like the Northern Lights or Tanzania’s 260 square km wide Ngorongoro crater, they are unexplained phenomena that arouse our curiosity, a desire to know more and questions that we try ever so hard to answer with science or religion

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