Hilarious! Dino Melaye fires hot prayers against Arsenal coach, Mike Arteta (video)

Dino Melaye is dissatisfied with Arsenal Coach, Mikel Arteta’ coaching skills and has taken him to God in prayers.

The politician shared a hilarious video of himself rocking an Arsenal jersey and he sang a song stating that Mikel Arteta is the problem of the English football club.

A dissatisfied Dino then offered a prayer

”Every power that is keeping Mikel Arteta in Arsenal, what are you waiting for? Die! Die! Die!

I want you to demonstrate your power oh lord! Every force that is keeping Mikel ARteta in Arsenal. Die! Mikel, go! go! go in the name of the father. Go in the name of the son. go the name of the holy ghost”

Watch the video he shared below

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