Hilarious as Woman Runs Over Boyfriend With Her Car In Viral Video – Watch

A Philly woman was caught on camera running over her boyfriend with her car, and according to reports, the woman is claiming that her actions were somehow “self defense.”

The entire incident was captured on camera. In the video which is currently making rounds online, the woman and the man are seen arguing.

The woman – who is in a car – appears to have had enough. She reverses the car and appears to intentionally run over the man’s legs. Video of the incident quickly went viral. And social media sleuths quickly identified the Twitter account of a woman whom they believe was the one from the video.

The woman was confronted about her actions, and she claims that what she did was “self defense” and said the man “did her dirty.” It hasn’t been confirmed that the Twitter account was indeed that of the woman in the video.

But Twitter users immediately been speculating what could have caused the woman to run the man down. Some speculate that the man may have cheated, others have alternate explanations.

Watch the video below:

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