Here Are Some Reasons Why Do People Backstab?

One way or the other, you have been backstabbed by some friends and relatives, and you might be wondering why someone close to you can do something like that.

Interestingly, backstabbers are nice to your face, but behind your back they undermine you.

Well, here are some reasons why people backstabbed.

1. Backstabber thrive on drama

Drama is one reason people backstab because they want to be the center of attention and that is common in the entertainment industry

2. When they want favor, recognition and power

This is common in many offices and business backstabber only seeking their self-interest, so they have to undermine you to get what they want

3 They always act like everything is okay.

In some cases, many backstabbers tend to hid their grievances when you are around but went ahead and talk bad things behind your back

4. Backstabbers are often jealous of you

Backstabbers are looking for a way to drag you down, so they can feel better.

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