“He wants marriage before year end, so i invited him over to my shop and this happened” – Oluwafiolakemi

Searching or waiting for who to marry in this period and time is not as easy as it was during the days of our fathers as young people who are in search of the right one are made to go through traumatic experiences. In this case, ladies would be forced to kiss so many ugly frogs before they finally meet their knight in white shining armour.

Like the hilarious experience of this Nigeria lady by the name Oluwafiolakemi who narrated through her Twitter handle @flickybaby01 how a guy who was interested in marrying her before the end of the year acted in an ungentlemanly manner in her shop.

According to the lad,when the guy came to her shop she obliged to offer him table water he rejected it instead demanded an energy drink. He requested the water again she gave him sachet water.

The shameless guy went ahead to demand chew gum, the smart lady ignored Orbit the expensive one he would have preferred, and instead offer him Center Fresh the very cheap one.

As if he has not made a fool of himself enough he went ahead to demand airtime promising the lady he would transfer the money to her which she cleverly declined.

As if to conclude his weird behavior before the lady he was wooing, he went ahead to take the Orbit chewing gum he has been eyeing without asking the owner of the shop.

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