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“He Shifted my pant and did what he liked” Lady Narrates encounter with Police Officer [Video]

The plight of young teenage girls in the society seem to turn worrying issues and many result from poor knowledge and concealed awareness created in several communities about these stories.

On this Saturday episode of The Day Show with Berla Mundi aired on TV3, a r@pe victim who goes by the name Hannah Mawusi Fiamevor, bravely shared her encounter with an hideous r@pist live on TV.

Her story was both stunning and marvelling to the entire audience as she tactically narrates how mercilessly a police officer forced himself on her as young teenager.

In her narration, Hannah Mawusi Fiamevor, boldly spoke out on her s£xual assault encounter with an unknown police officer which ended in a poorly addressed r@pe case at age 16.

She disclosed that her parents eventually settled the matter at court and fouly accepted Gh ¢800 to Gh¢ 1000 for damages caused her, but the money was never used to give her medical attention although she was physically wounded from the r@pe.

She freely recounted her past experience with the audience seated on the show.

In her narration, she disclosed that the r@pist took chances with her while they were all alone in a certain house she visited on a very quite afternoon.

She continued that she never expected anything of sort to occur as a frequent visitor to the household, but unfortunately placed herself in trouble with the heavy bodied police officer living at the residence who was twice bigger her size.

As she explained, the siad police officer chased her down, locked themselves in a small room and forcibly harassed and r@ped her.

However, in her struggle to prevent it at all costs failed when she made serveral attempts and that made her unconscious to give up the fight and so allowed him to indulge in the act.

She claimed her r@pist was slowly impatient with her and thus shifted her pantee and did it on from his knees as she unconsciously laid on the bed.

She narrated with Innocence but bold smiles that brought faint giggles on the show.

Her narration was totally off the hook and needed to be applauded as some people claim.


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  1. Write your comment here…Am sorry dear,to me the case of police officers rape on teenage girls is an old news.

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