“He Promised To Do It Well To Shift My Womb But Just Look At Him After 5 Minutes” – Lady Teases A Guy

Some guys are so confident in themselves that they make promises they can’t keep. There are some ladies who can handle guys very well in bed. And if you don’t know their capabilities, it will be better to keep what you can do to yourself. The lady in your picture has recorded herself mocking her boyfriend who is sleeping like a baby in bed.

According to the lady, the guy was bluffing that the way he will handle her in bed, she will never think of sleeping with any man again. She said in the video, “He said he will do the thing very well to shift my womb. But just after 5 minutes of action, he is just sleeping like a baby. Guys, just one round and he is sleeping like THIS. You can’t even shift my intestines not to talk of my womb”.

Checking the video very well, the guy is sleeping very deep that he cannot even hear what the lady saying in the room.

Some netizens after coming across this video said that there is no point in bluffing to a lady you have never slept with that you can perform well in bed. Just wait for moment and prove yourself.

Others said that the guy is lazy, how can he sleep after just five minutes. But some social media users believe that there is no point in proving how long you can have sex with a lady in bed.

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