He Is Probably Not In Love With You When He Portrays The Following Signs

Today’s write-up lays emphasis on signs which indicates that your boyfriend is actually not in love with you. If you notice any of the following signs, know that he is not in love with you.

He keeps in touch with his ex(s). A man with no emotions towards you can never get over his ex. Because he is not sure about you, therefore, he keeps a backup. And you don’t need any other signs to know that he is just a jerk who is playing around with you.

He spends more time with friends than you. Because who would like to spend time with someone who is just convenient for them. Obviously, he would prefer his friends over you.

He never seems invested in the moment. You know that moment when you arrange a candle light dinner with an extreme love for both of you. And he doesn’t even seem excited? I feel you, gurl.

You have never met his family. Have you met his family? No? Well, that’s because he’s not serious enough to admit that he is in a relationship with you. This is because he doesn’t have those deep love feelings for you. You’re just convenient. Accept it!

You have just got an overall bad feeling. He never makes you feel special. And at a corner of your heart, you’re all aware that these signs clearly say that he is not your one. But you still struggle through that bad feeling.

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