He Doesn’t Want to Lose You: 10 Telltale Signs

Sometimes, men find it difficult to talk openly about their feelings. But sure signs might wash away uncertainty. A man’s actions and behavior toward a woman speak volumes about what he hides in his heart. Here are some examples of clear signs that he doesn’t want to lose you.

1. He can’t stay mad at you

Relationships don’t always flow with milk and honey. Sometimes, when we have a terrible day, we may say something hurtful to the one we love. Is your man the one to make the first move after an argument? For him, an argument is nothing but a means toward a stronger relationship.

2. He isn’t afraid to make concessions.

If he gives in to your desire, even if he hates lying in the sun, it is a clear sign that your happiness matters. He will always be willing to compromise to avoid an argument. “Let’s meet halfway” could become his motto. If you want to go to the beach while he wants to stay in a mountain cabin, try asking him for a compromise.

3. He treats your family as his own.

If your man strives to impress your family members and get along with absolutely everyone you care about, it is a clear sign of commitment. A man who can’t imagine his life without you will do his best to get the green light from all the essential people in your life.

4. He includes you in his plans.

Is the pronoun ‘we’ part of every sentence he utters when discussing the future? If so, he can’t make it more evident: you are an integral part of his future. There is no more significant sign of commitment!

5. He is concerned about your well-being and understands your requirements.

A man in love is a man who will always worry about your wellbeing and will strive to meet all your needs. A man who can’t imagine his life without you will always put your needs first. If you need some time alone after a hard day, he will step back and give you the much-coveted space.

6. He is always available

When things go well, everybody is there — right by your side. But what happens when things go awry? If your man is always there to support you when the chips are down, you can rest assured that he can’t imagine his life without you. You won’t even have to ask for help! Instead, he will instinctively protect you.

7. He gets jealous

Jealousy may be healthy as long as it comes in small doses, and that could be one of the signs he doesn’t want to lose you. Jealousy is a natural emotion that may even be flattering. It is a way to remind our beloved ones that we are investing a lot in the relationship.

8. He recalls every detail about you.

A man who knows how you feel by simply looking at you, or remembers what makes you happy or stressed, is a man in love. Such a man is a keeper. Do not doubt it! A man who values you and your relationship above all things is also a keeper.

9. You’re his top priority.

A healthy relationship implies spending time together. But what if your man doesn’t have a lot of free time? If he does everything to spend quality time with you and doesn’t hesitate to cancel his plans to be with you, it is a clear sign that you are the most important thing in his life.

10. He takes every opportunity to surprise you and spoil you.

Is your man constantly surprising and spoiling you? Maybe some flowers, a box of chocolates, a foot massage after a hard day at work, breakfast in bed… These little love gestures are sure-fire signs that he is passionate about you and doesn’t want to lose you.

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