Half-naked criminal found hiding inside wall during police raid (video)

A criminal was found hiding inside a secret hole in the wall during a police raid.

Bodycam footage uploaded on Twitter by Greater Manchester Police on Jan 19, 2021, shows the moment the man was found hiding in his bathroom in Merseyside, England.

In the video, police are seen standing in the bathroom, facing an ordinary-looking wall. One officer then uses a knife to open a small hole door on the wall, revealing a secret hideaway.

The man was found in the hole and had no other choice but to emerge.

Greater Manchester Police shared the video on Twitter and wrote: “Some people go to extreme lengths to evade police but this wanted man was today found hiding in a wall at an address in #Merseyside by our #Wigan District Tasking Team.

“It’s fair to say we’ll quite literally go through walls to catch those that we’re after!”

Police said the man was arrested on suspicion of two domestic violence offences, a driving offence and on recall to prison.

Watch the video below.

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