Ghana Sends ‘Bold’ Message To Putin As Referendum Goes Ahead In Some Parts Of Eastern Ukraine

Tomorrow will mark exactly 7 months since the war in Ukraine began. What began as a military operation on February 24 has slowly waged on as Russia tried to demilitarize Ukraine. The Russians expected a quick war but Western support of Ukraine has ensured that the war has continued in the last 7 months. NATO has thrown her support for Ukraine in the form of ammunitions and this has seen Ukraine in recent weeks regain some lost territory.

To consolidate their gains, the Russians expect a referendum in the Donbas region, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia. Voting is underway in the breakaway regions. It is widely expected that these regions will vote to join Russia. However even before they do, Ghana’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey has sent a simple message to Russia.

According to the Minister, Ghana will in no way recognize the breakaway states and will not see them to be part of Russia. Speaking at the UN Security Council yesterday she said that Ghana joins the world to condemn Russia for invading another sovereign country. She called on Russia to cease all hostilities and pack out of Ukraine so as to preserve lives and properties.

“Ghana does not, and will not recognize any territory that is unilaterally and forcefully acquired as dismembered from a sovereign entity” Ayorkor Botchwey said. This continues the stand already made by the Akufo-Addo government to stand with the West and UN to bring Russia under control.

It is yet to be seen the results of the referendum and how the world will react to the new political geography. Some say the Russian acquisition is sparking World War III fears while others feel Russia will back out at the end. The latter may not be so because Putin has hinted that he is ready to use all the necessary forces to ensure the dignity of Russia if it means using his nuclear arsenal. Interesting times ahead for the world.

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