General Overseer marry 18years chorister as second wife.

The general overseer of the way of salvation church of Jesus Christ, Apostle Peter Tom Udofia with the headquarters in Akwa-ibom state just got married to a teenage member of his choir as second wife.

This action is rather shocking apart from the age difference, christains don’t support polygamy…and he ought to show a God example for his congregation to follow.

Please leave your honest opinion on the comment section… Is this man’s action plausible?


  1. If his first wife is dead n he wish to remarry,dere is no wrong in dt but it is wrong wen d first wife is still life as a man of God n public figure coz he is not showing any gud examples for his members..

  2. Shame on you people, assuming is an imam especially from the North marrying 18yrs old girl, you could have started raining all manner of insult on him for no reason. In this case you could see all manner of defence and justifications. You guys should be ashame of yourself on what you do on this social media at times

    1. Please don’t be deceive! This is not a true man of God!his a distroyer of christian hood!may God forgive him and open the eyes of the worshippers in the so called church!

  3. This is absolute madness,because all this was before the coming of Christ.

    IAM not against the facthe got remarried but must it be such a small girl?

    Something is wrong somewhere
    This is not a good example at all

    1. Like seriously,men re polygamous in nature eeehh n where is it written in d bible or re u using it to defend u men lustful nature no offense.

      1. Well, it may be strange, or call it a taboo, in Christendom. It is allowed in Islam. And even the age difference is a mere hoax. We should not loose sight of the fact trust, happiness and satisfaction are building blocks of any enduring marital relationship.

  4. Please always be careful of what you propagate. I know the man in person. He is not marrying her as a second wife. He is just remarrying. In terms of the age, it is biblical for a husband to be older than the wife

  5. He is a man of God ,his wife is late 7 year ago, do you want him to sleeping with married women in.his church , the better for him to be able to do God’s work. .may God Increase his annointing in.Jesus name. Amen.

    1. Is all about the End time syndrome in the body of Christ. The modern churches are more rooted in the world now than before.

  6. Marry 2 to 4 wife not sin to God that is why God created or creating woman than man even if all man marrying 20 wifes still woman will stll remaining plenty so don’t blame pastor marry second wife God not disallow it.

  7. All of you are not true christians. You don’t even know your scripture (the Bible). There’s no portion of the Bible that says “Marry only one”. And it’s also found in the Bible. Instances of Goldly people marrying many wife. E. G Abraham. Plus nobody can cheat nature. Nobody can hide the fact that men are polygamous in nature. It’s too bad that people will crusify some one that decided to formally and lawfully marry a second wife. And praise those that will secretly have many concubines destroying other people’s children’s lives.

    1. That was before the first coming if Jesus Christ. So as Christians (Christ like) it’s one man one wife. Read Mathew 19: 3-9, you will understand better with the help of the Holy Ghost.

      Neverthlesss, The teachings of Jesus Christ are for true Christians not church goers because the Bible says that a canal man can not understand the things of the spirit.

  8. This message is not true.
    It’s fake news.
    It’s not possible for him to do so.
    Someone wrote something that his first wife died long time ago, so, for him to get another wife now, instead of engaging in adultery act, people are now here saying trash that he marry a teenager as a second wife.

    Engaging in adultery and getting another wife.
    Which one is better?
    Or you guys want him to marry one of his member’s wife or one of his pastor’s wife?
    Please think well before saying what’s not good to man of God.

    I don’t know him from anywhere…but you respect his decision.
    Either God call him or not, you’re not in right position to condem him.
    Leave him alone…..

    Don’t sin against God through this Man of God….
    Stay bless.

  9. The writer of this article is not giving out the right facts…The General overseer of the above mentioned church lost his wife
    seven years ago…

  10. If this story is true, he has set a bad prescedent to his followers in the church and this is very unfortunate. The chu has already been divided. May the Lord have mercy on us.

    1. If queency said it’s not true…that means the writer is an agent of Satan…the pastor can marry any body at 18yrs and above so long the wife is dead…it’s doesn’t matter…the little girl may have an extraordinary gift to keep a dying pastor alive…..A PASTOR MUST BE A MAN OF ONE WIFE 1Timothy 3..

  11. Many are called but few are chosen. He may posses the gift of a pastor but he was never born again cos the gift of God is without repentance. Am sorry for Christian’s who follow their pastors instead of reading their Bible’s. It’s a case of the blind leading the blind. Their end is catastrophic!

  12. He is not a true Overseer,. It is written: if a man desires the office of a bishop or deacon must be blameless, the husband of one wife.

  13. Nigerian are gullible, even as he has committed this abormi able act people will still be thronging to his so call church, may God have mercy on us.

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