Four Reasons Ladies Lose Interest In Their Husband After Few Years Of Marriage

There are a lot of reasons why most women loose interest after their marriage and most people don’t know the reason behind these irregularities. Below are some reasons why it happens.

1. Nagging: This is very common among men and when you notice changes in your man’s behaviour, he gets angry over little things and shouts at you all the time.

2. Change in habits or character: Most men once they get married to their woman, they change their character negatively. This affects their partner who is not use to it.

3. Poor personal hygiene: Most men find it very difficult to maintain this after there marriage, imagine the Woman staying with her husband for days without taking his bath.

4. Men that compare their wife to their friends wife: There is no reason what so ever that will make the man to compare the Woman he married to his friends own, no woman will be happy if such happens.

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