Four Causes Of Pot Belly In Men

Before now, pot belly was associated with wealth. It is however a different case today as even an average man is seen with it irrespective of financial status. Several factors can come into play to raise the potential of developing pot belly.

Excessive alcohol consumption.

Alcohol contains a huge amount of calorie. which are converted and stored as fats. It has therefore been implicated as one of the major causes of pot belly. Majority of chronic consumers of alcohol develop pot belly. This does not only increase the belly fat but also poses great risk to the liver which is the primary organ that metabolises alcohol. It should however be noted that not all alcohol consumers have pot belly as body systems vary.


A person with a family history of pot belly is likely to develop one as well. This simply means, looking down your family line and finding anybody at all with pot belly could increase your possibility of having it too.

Less physical activity

Inadequate or lack of exercise generally tends to add up to one’s weight. In this era of technology where there are various means of transportation, exercise and physical activity have become less. Continuos food consumption leads to increased body fat which in the absence of physical activity leads to weight gain and even accumulation of days in the region of the abdomen which develops into pot belly over time.


Generally speaking, body functions begin to weigh down as one ages. The rate of metabolism of calories also tends to drop which also increases the chance of getting a belly fat. This is one of the reasons why it’s usually recommended for aged folks to reduce their calories intake.

Other predisposing factors of pot belly include poor sleep, certain diseases, poor diet and even stress. Bear in mind the variations in individual body systems which is why what causes pot belly in one person may be totally harmless in another.

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