For Spiritual Marriage, Poverty, Unemployment, Bad luck, Use Tameawu Leave To Bath For Breakthrough

The Tameawu Leaf has been one of the best herbs used to cure many diseases, but the Spiritual Benefits are what many Ghanaians do not know. Today, a lot of Ghanaians are asking whether the Tameawu leaves can be used for any spiritual benefit and we are here to give you more information about that.

I remember, as children, we used to cut up the leaves into rather small pieces and cover them up with sand.

Generally, in few days time, each small piece would begin to sprout new roots and shoots. The plant just does not die. And it has so many healing properties.

Come to think of it, how come we have forgotten about the benefits of Never Die or tan me awu? Well it’s probably because only few people really know how powerful the plant is.

Spiritual bath is the cleansing of the body against evil spirits, witchcraft etc. Perform this spiritual bath when you are suffering from the following:

• Spiritual marriage

• Unemployment

• Bad luck

• Poverty

• Spiritual illness

• Business failure

• Barrenness


1. Get your Tameawu leaves and make a wish on it founded on your problem.

2. Put the Tameawu leaf in a pail of clean water and bath it two times day to day.

Oftentimes Asked Questions:

• Is Tameawu Leaf juju?

No. It is not juju but rather it can perform a ton of wonders.

• Could Tameawu Leaf Heal Me?

Indeed! The Tameawu Leaf can mend, secure and detoxify you.

• How often could I at any point utilize Tameawu Leaf?

There no restriction. You can utilize Tameawu leaf interminable.

• What is the symptom of Tameawu leaf?

It makes no known side impacts. You can counsel your doctor on the off chance that you are as yet stressed.

• Is Tameawu leaf eatable?

Indeed. The Tameawu leaf is eatable. You can eat the leaf or you can add it to your soup or stew.

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