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Most of us decided to venture into fitness (as a lifestyle not career) because we weren’t happy with ourselves; our strength, physique, endurance, health etc. We definitely had different reasons for that realization & eventual decision. I’d rather everyone’s reason to start working out came from introspection but not everyone is that self-aware. Ridicule, inability to get laid or disregard from others is a few of the reasons that push a lot of people to train. At this point I think once your reason is not short lived it can be disregarded. Thinking of this made me realize the other benefits of fitness aside better physique and better health, that is less direct benefits. I came up with 5- man fitness is life changing.

1.      Better Apparel Fit – You wear your clothes, your clothes don’t wear you.

2.      Better Clear Skin

3.      Increased Self-discipline & Drive

4.      Increased Self-worth

5.      Increased Attraction

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