Excuse, A President Doesn’t Speak Like That – Power FM Presenter Finally Tells Akufo-Addo The Truth

A popular journalist or presenter of Power FM, Oheneba Boamah has finally and boldly revealed the truth to President Akufo-Addo over certain comments made by the President concerning the 2024 elections. The President during the New Patriotic Party’s Thanksgiving service for their 30th Anniversary revealed that he wants to hand over power to another NPP government after the 2024 elections.

“I want you to help me achieve the greatest feet of my career. After the 2024 elections, I want to hand power to another NPP government on the 7th January, 2025. Victory in 2024 is all I need.” Akufo-Addo boldly revealed this.

Meanwhile, Oheneba Boamah while reacting to this on Power FM revealed that it’s very wrong for the President to say that. Oheneba reveals that a Democratic President should never speak like how Akufo-Addo did. He then questioned that if Mahama had said this in 2015, would Akufo-Addo be in power?

“ Ghana is not for President Akufo-Addo and I expect him to know that. He cannot decide for the whole country, it will never happen. How can a President presiding over democracy speak like that? Excuse me! A President doesn’t speak like this. This is suppose to come from your supporters not you, even with that, you will not allow them. If John Mahama had said that in 2015, would you have come to power? A Democratic President should never speak like that.” Oheneba boldly revealed this on Power Fm.

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Do you think Akufo-Addo got it wrong with what he said or do you think Oheneba Boamah is rather getting the whole issue wrong?

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