Ewa Brodnicka Puts Intimacy Gadget In Aniel Bogusz’s Face During MMA Weigh-In

Polish boxer Ewa Brodnicka decided the best way to get one over rival Aniela Bogusz at the weigh-in for their MMA bout was to pull a Love Machine out of a purple plastic bag and wave it in her face.

The surreal moment sparked a brawl between the pair as things turned ugly ahead of their High League match in Gdansk last weekend.

Friday’s weigh-in turned sour when Bogusz, a pop star and social media influencer formerly known as ‘Sexmasterka’, playfully slapped her opponent’s backside while she was on the scales.

Brodnicka, for some reason, decided the best way to respond to her rival’s slight was to whip out the black intimacy gadget and put it up to Bogusz’s face.

The pop star, now known as ‘Lil Masti’, grabbed the Love Machine and threw it back at Brodnicka, before the two exchanged blows and had to be separated as they hurled insults at one another.

While Bogusz had two MMA wins from two under her belt heading into this clash, Brodnicka was making her MMA debut.

Her lack of martial arts experience is made up for by her boxing record, though – she has won 20 and lost only one fight in the ring, and is a former European and WBO super featherweight champion.

It proved to not be enough for this fight, though, as Lil Masti won in the third round by punches from the crucifix position after dominating the bout on the ground.

Her opponent, who had been penalised for an eye poke during the contest, was quick to give an excuse as to why she had lost.

Brodnicka cited a knee injury as the reason for her defeat, and demanded the opportunity to take Bogusz on again.

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