END TIME: Watch Female Pastor Breastfeed Church Members With Breast Milk Inside Church(Video)

Nowadays, people believe in miracles than the true word of God. Everybody now depends on miracles for their success and breakthroughs. We don’t even have time to listen to the word of God. It is obvious that people are now found in churches where there’s miracles than where the true gospel of God is taught.

The Bible made us understand that, when all these things are happening, it is a sign of end time and Christians must be very careful with such things.

Today, there’s a video going viral on the internet about a Female Pastor who is breastfeeding her male church members with her own Breast Milk which she claimed to be “holy”.

In the video, the female pastor is seen with a microphone and a male church member standing in front of her and sucking her breast. In the course of the action, other church members are hailing and praising the act as the man busily sucks the breast of the lady pastor.


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