Drink Warm Water On An Empty Stomach, This Is Will Happen In Your Body

Water is a universal solvent which plays a major role in almost every area of the body ranging from transportation of nutrients to digestion, metabolism, excretion. Drinking water generally keeps the body healthy and hydrated whether hot or cold.

Most of the processes that go on in the body need water to function properly.

Warm water helps to improve digestion, relieve congestion and even promote relaxation just as cold water. Recently, Cold water has been discovered to be the leading cause of some bone- related health issues.

It’s advisable to avoid cold water and drink more warm water on an empty stomach everyday.

I never really understood the benefits of this until I started practicing and saw myself the amazing benefits of just drinking warm water every morning in an empty stomach.

Apart from detoxifying the body which we can see through sweats, warm water does much more to the body.

If you drink water in an empty stomach, this is what will happen to your body.

Detoxification of harmful substances.

Your body immediately undergoes metabolism and detoxifies waste and harmful substances. This can be seen through sweating and immediate urination.

Increased metabolism.

Hot water increases the body metabolism, this provides energy and also burns fatty tissues in the body.

Nasal congestion relief

Warm water releases steam and this can relieve clogged sinuses.


Warm water creates a path for easy digestion, it actually improves appetite.

Constipation Relief

Warm water can relieve discomfort from constipation, it also helps easy bowel movement.

Get rid of microorganisms.

Warm water increases internal body temperature thereby disrupting the actions of microorganisms. Most microorganisms can not withstand high temperatures.

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