Dr Nevers Mumba Urges ‘Christians For Lungu’ To Repent



By Dr Nevers Mumba
May 13th 2022

Repentance means more than saying sorry. It is a combination of two aspects: Sorry and Restitution.

To be remorseful and sorry about what you said or did is the first part. The second part is to restore what you had taken away from the person you injured. This is repentance.
Once this is done, you are restored to the place you held before the offense.

If one steals a car and later feels the conviction, and goes back to say sorry and then drives off with the stolen car, that is not repentance.

Prior to the 2021 General Elections, a number of ministers of the gospel gave public “prophecies” as to who the winners will be and others promised to either quit ministry or have part of their anatomy cut off, if a certain politician emerged victorious.

The election is now behind us. The temptation by certain men and women of God is to hope that their public statements will go away with time. This will not happen. It remains a permanent dent which completely compromises not just the spiritual authority of such a minister but by extension reduces the moral authority of the church in the nation.

It is in the interest of the Zambian Church to urge the affected ministers to publicly come out in repentance so that they can be restored and by extension the moral voice of the Church to be restored in the land.

As it stands today, the church is struggling to be the bearer of the moral light of the nation.

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