Dr.Elsie Effa Kaufmann, The Quiz Madam Reveals What She Faces Every Year After The National Science And Maths Quiz | OneMuzikGh

Quiz Mistress of the prestigious yearly National Science and Maths Quiz, Dr. Elsie Effah Kaufmann, has confessed that people come at her every year after the competition for not making their school win.

Speaking in an interview, madam Elsie revealed that this has happened often that she is now used to it.

“After every competition, the losers think it’s the quiz mistress that did it so every year, I get accusations. Sometimes, I get hate mail and it comes from all over the place, you’ll be surprised”, she said.

According to Dr. Kaufmann, the contestants do understand the dynamics of the contest and do not have issues with her but the supporters on the other hand, always seem to think she cheated their respective schools.

“It’s the supporters. The old boys. Somebody from some year group in the 1970s, sitting in some country elsewhere will send me hate mail because their team lost and it was me being biased and intimidating their students”, she added.

Madam Elsie however noted that being the Quiz mistress is something she loves doing hence will never be put off by such threats.

Originally posted 2020-10-10 09:55:21.

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